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Counter-Strike Global Offensive BETA Key GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!

By Guest, in HeLLsGamers News, , 0 comments, 49038 views
I will be giving away 1 copy of CS:GO beta to a person in this thread
1) must not already have the game
2) must be in HG from -hg- to council
3) must own counter-strike source and play it
4) must post in this thread once
DEADLINE: Sunday June 24th (sometime that night)
Click here to enter

Meow Meow Meow Meow GIVEAWAY!!!! :D

By Guest, in HeLLsGamers News, , 0 comments, 1222 views

http://cloud.dloaded.com/i/4fe6766cb2a45.png Meow meow meow, It has been a great time being in HG!!! I have met so many wonderful and amazing people in this community! As a thank you I'm having a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! :D
What game will it be? The game I'm giving away is MAX PAYNE 3!
Who can participate in this amazing and cool event? The people that can participate in this even are: -hg- [HG] HG| [A] [M] [L] [DC] [TC] [C]
1) You have to be someone who has those tags (^)
2) You can only enter ONCE!
3) I will be giving out the prize on JUNE 23 2012 AT 7 PM PST (PLENTY OF TIME TO ENTER)
4) If you already own the game please do not comment
5) The drawing will be on random.org
6) Make a post below to enter!!!

June Giveaway! "Far Cry Complete"

By Guest, in HeLLsGamers News, , 0 comments, 1044 views

As a beautiful thank you for the 1 full year of the luls, happiness, and to all the amazing people I met here in the clan, I would like to give away the complete set of far cry which Includes 2 items: Far Cry®, Far Cry® 2: Fortune's Edition.
When will you be giving out this magnificent prize Brian? Why thanks for asking Brian! I will be giving out this prize on June 14th, 2012.
Who can participate in the Giveaway? All Hellsgamers members on the Roster for the clan can participate including VIP.
What are the rules Brian? Why the rules are simple!
1) As said before, you will need to be in the Hellsgamers Clan Roster or be a VIP in the community.
2) You may only enter once! (Duh!)
3) The entry deadline is on the 14th at 7 PM Pacific time.
4) If you already own the set you are not eligible to attend the giveaway as I want someone who doesn't own the game to have it.
If you managed to not claw your eyes out and pass through every rule above, please leave a post saying that you want to attend this giveaway!

New Server IPs

By Guest, in HeLLsGamers News, , 0 comments, 1128 views
The following servers have been moved to our new system for improved performance.
Update 5-12-2012:
GMOD DarkRP moved to

CSS Minigames moved to
TF2 Arena Maps new server
TF2 Popular Maps new server
TF2 Orange x3 moved to
TF2 Hoodoo moved to
TF2 Idle moved to
TF2 Mariokart moved to
TF2 Surf Maps moved to

HeLLsGamers Announcing GunGame with it's new Premium mod including trails & much much more! -

By Guest, in Server News, , 0 comments, 843 views
To join, type "connect" in console
We are announcing a highly anticipated server that both members and staff have been waiting for us to finish. This GunGame server includes the following:
RTD - Built for GunGame (Still in the works, but will be released soon.)
Free admin for [HG] +
Custom win sounds hand picked by HG members

As I Lay Dying - 94 Hours
A.F.I. - Boy Who Destroyed the World
Chariots of Fire
System Of A Down - Chop Suey!
Saliva - Click Click Boom
Disturbed - Down With The Sickness
Modest Mouse - Float On
Flobots - Handlebars
Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow
Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping Up to Boston
Papa Roach - Last Resort
Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without The E
Taking Back Sunday - Liar (It Takes One To Know One)
Taking Back Sunday - MakeDamnSure
Nelly - No. 1
Rise Against - Prayer of the Refugee
Sublime - What I Got
Haddaway - What is love?
The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation
Custom plugins so we can have the server the way we want.
46 levels of guns for a fun filled day at the HG HQ
Beta Testing our new Premium mod that we will be running on all of the HG Servers soon. This beta includes the new Premium store, the new trails, and some new admin skins.

An example of a trail:
If you also haven't heard, we're giving away free admin for a limited time for this server. If you want free admin, click here!
If you're excited about this server, use the following #hashtag and post it everywhere! In fact, spam this thread with it so it shows that you are reading the entire post #GunGameforHG
And to join, type "connect" in console

May Giveaway! "The Binding of Isaac" [Finished]

By Guest, in HeLLsGamers News, , 0 comments, 1171 views
Congratulations to ExGBrian and Demon for winning the copies!
I would like to give away two copies of "The Binding of Isaac" as a token of my appreciation for being the best clan out there. This means that two people will win ONE copy of the game. I am offering this giveaway to anyone who is at least a recruit.
There is also a DLC coming out late May, which I may do a giveaway for as well.

WHEN? Thursday May 31st.
ALL times for ANY time-zone can be found here
The rules are simple, and will be posted below.
1. You must be in HeLLsGamers to participate. That means you must be ranked -hg- to [C] in order to be eligible to participate.
2. You may only enter once.
3. The entry deadline is the 30th of May. You are still eligible if you enter on the 30th.
4. The drawing will be hosted on random.org and will be streamed live on my twitch.tv channel, which I will post 7 days prior to the draw.
5. If you already have the game you will not be eligible.​
6. Click on the button below this rule. This was to make sure you read everything.

7. Make a post below to enter the giveaway.  
EDIT: Go here. This is my justin.tv channel, which is where the drawing will be streamed live on the 31st of May.
A list of people participating is available on the original thread.

TF2 Division Servers

By Guest, in HeLLsGamers News, , 0 comments, 1142 views
Completed: YES
The TF2 servers are under a complete overhaul.

New E3 dedicated server
No more lag
Better uptime
Auto updates
Mod fixes

Some servers are being moved to the new system and will have new ip addresses.
Stay tuned!
Suggestions thread: https://hellsgamers.com/threads/66583-does-HG-have-to-many-servers/page3

Shoot many robots *give away*

By Guest, in Free Giveaways, , 0 comments, 1417 views
Link to game:http://store.steampowered.com/app/96400/?snr=1_7_suggest__13
1) Must have played metal slug on a arcade.
2) Must love metal slug on arcade.
3) Must post in this thread saying you love metal slug.
4) No double posts you will be killed on the spot if you double post (except I can double post so because im cool).
5) Must want to play the game and not just think you might like it and play it once.
6) Must agree to beat the game with either me or another person.
7) Must have facebook since you have to connect the game to it.
8) Must be any type of HG member.
9) Must like turtles and state that you like turtles.
TLDR rules: say you love metal slug and turtles, must be a HG member

New Teamspeak Server

By Guest, in HeLLsGamers News, , 0 comments, 1234 views
1. TeamSpeak3 Client Download
2. Install The Program.
3. Connect To Server.

If you have Teamspeak installed already, the info below should suffice
hostname/ip: voice.hellsgamers.com
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