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So just yesterday the youtube account that my friends and I all create videos and upload them to got youtube partnership. We've been trying to get partnership for a long while now, and to be honest i've been too lazy to make videos and just given up all hope. Now i can't wait to make more!   http://www.youtube.com/user/jimmyjimjobobo123?feature=mhee




If you get pizza delivered...

TIP THE DAMN DRIVER!   Today we were pretty busy, and there wasn't a backup delivery driver incase the main driver couldnt take them all. So me being a nice guy and didn't want bitchy customers I offered to make a few delivery runs to help catch him up. Out of the 5 deliveries I took, I scraped up a whopping $1.91 in tips. THANKS PEOPLE I EVEN BROUGHT YOU PAPER PLATES AND NAPKINS TO EAT YOUR FOOD ON!




Hg's Talent show 2011

[video=youtube;xruIlW6l8MI]   Really fail because it's not what i'd like to do for this but yeah..   Cant do what i'd like to in winter Montage of me and friends.



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