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The "jg" Story Of The Year

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One day there was a man named Jacob Guiness. He was a 15 year old teenager until he met a girl called Clementine.... She was very cute and hot (he thought). He met her at this school called Ryze automatic transaction bus high school. It was one of the best schools in the country. Known to have 4.0 GPA's and rarely a incident would happen such as a death, accident, etc. The school had a really good reputation until October 1st 2003. Jacob was new to the school and he had clementine in one of her classes which is history. She was nominated the most beautiful girl into the school and everyone wanted her. They just wanted her body. Jacob was a skinny man who played video games for a living and did not work out. But he was extremely smart with an IQ over 120. He wished to have kissed her and date her. So he would plan that he would ask her for homecoming. On that day he tried very hard with his poster. His poster said Roses are red, Violets are blue, will you go to homecoming with me?

he was very nervous to ask her as he didnt have many friends at the time. Luckily she agreed but it was really embarrassing with him. He danced with her and many people were jealous. She only wanted people who actually tried for her and cared. She didnt want guys that just use her for her body and money. After homecoming she kissed him on the cheeks. He blushed a lot and it was really worth it for him. Until some weeks later some people bullied him and made him super depressed. She supported him and helped him through hard times. She called him JG because he was one of the nicest people to her. Eventually a year later she passed away due to a unforeseen car accident. JG lost everyone closest to him and her. She was perfect for him..... 10 years later hes working as a scientist and earning 200k a year. Until he met another girl called Ashlee. (she was the reincarnation of clementine). They fell in love and eventually married and JG never forgot his first love and kiss. Clementine was his true love and his first kiss. He eventually had two kids a daughter and a son. He named his son Clem jr. and his daughter Jacob satorius.


The end.

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id rather kill myself than commit suicide

i was trying to commit suicide but i almost killed myself!

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Screw Clementine and Screw Ashlee too.

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I think we need an origins story of scrubbubbles kappa

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