info Social Media team is looking for new staff!


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Social Media team is looking for new staff!

Applications status: [CLOSED]

 >> APPLY NOW <<


  • Must be [HG] Member+ for 2 months or higher to apply.
    • If you have been an HG Member for one month only, you can apply with referral from an HGCE Leader+
  • Must be professional when needed.
  • Able to complete tasks on time.
  • Must be active.
    • Sometimes, we need to post stuff on social media within a certain timeframe, if you're unable to commit due to personal reasons, it's best not to apply atm.

Tasks can include:

  • Social media work! (ex: Posting events, special announcements, etc on our social media platform!)
  • Managing our very own subreddit. (Moderating, posting events, news, etc)
  • Posting monthly newsletters explaining what happened in the past month. (events, promotions, new servers, new changes in HG, etc)
  • Managing our YouTube channel. Post clips from events or random moments from our servers. Basically showcase the community on YT.
  • Managing our Twitch channel. Either streaming events, moderating stream chat, etc.


  • FREE Gold Admin on all of our servers! Instead of having to pay $20 monthly, you can receive it for free by just giving back to the community! :)
  • Able to put [CE] at the end of your username.
  • Get special access to more private forums, discord server, etc.
  • Have a cool HGCE Staff and Social Media forum tag assigned to you.
  • Custom colored forum name. --> Asian State Trooper.

All training and assets will be provided to you by the Social Media Team Leader or higher. If you have any questions, contact Asian State Trooper

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