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Scp: Secret Laboratory Guide

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SCP: Secret Laboratory is a Multiplayer horror game.





W = Move Forward

A = Move Left

S = Move Backwards

D = Move right


E = Interact (with doors or loot), or Revive player (Only possible as SCP 049 and has to occur within 15 seconds of death. SCP 049 MUST kill the player to be able to revive.)

Tab = Inventory. Left click on item in Inventory = Equip. Right click on item in Inventory = Drop to ground.

R = Reload

Q = Voice Chat

C = Walk (Move silently)


Left Mouse Button = Attack

Right Mouse Button = Scope if holding weapon, use radio if holding radio

Space bar = Jump

Move mouse to look around





Class-D Personnel


Class-D Personnel is the lowest ranked class you can spawn as. They are easily identifiable via their Orange Clothing and their beanies.

They Spawn with 100HP and no items. They start the round in the furthest and most isolated part of the facility: The Light Containment Zone.

Your objective as a Class-D is to escape the base with your life.

The Majority of the Server will spawn as Class-D Personnel.

Class-D players are able to be killed by: SCPs, Scientists, and the Nine-Tailed Fox.

The only Ally of Class-D Players are the Chaos Insurgency.





When a game starts, 2-3 scientists will be chosen. Scientists spawn in with 100HP, a MedKit and a Level Two Scientist Keycard.

Scientists spawn in the Light Containment zone.

As a Scientist, your goal is to escape the base alive.

Scientists are a High Value target for most roles in the game.

They can be identified by their White clothing.

They can be killed by Class-D Personnel, SCPs and Chaos Insurgency.


Facility Guard



The Facility Guards act as an earlier and weaker spawn than the Nine-Tailed Fox, so that Class-D Personnel have a higher chance to survive early game. I don't have the full information for them yet as they were added two days ago.



Nine-Tailed Fox


The Nine-Tailed Fox's objective is to Contain/Kill All SCPs, kill all Class-D Personnel and rescue any surviving Scientists.

They spawn on the Surface near Gate B.

There are four rankings and types of Nine-Tailed Fox Players.


The NTF Guard:

Spawns with 100HP

Has the items: Fusion Pistol, a Tier 2 Senior Guard Keycard, Radio and an Ammo Box.


NTF Scientists:

Spawns with 120HP, can only be played via Surviving the previous round as a regular Scientist.

Has the items: Fusion Rifle, MTF Lieutenant Keycard, Positronic Grenade, a MedKit, Disarmer, Radio and Ammo Box.


NTF Lieutenant:

Spawns with 120HP

Has the items: Fusion Rifle, MTF Lieutenant Keycard, Positronic Grenade, Radio, Disarmer and Ammo Box.


NTF Commander:

Spawns with 150HP

Has the items: Fusion Rifle, MTF Commander Keycard, Positronic Grenade, Disarmer, Radio and Ammo Box.


NTF Can be Identified by their blue clothing and lack of a gas mask.


Chaos Insurgency



Chaos Insurgency spawn in with 120HP. They spawn with the items: Logicar HAR (gun), Smoke Grenade and a Tier 3 Chaos Insurgency Keycard.

Their objective is to Rescue any surviving Class-D Personnel, Kill any Nine-Tailed Foxes and Scientists. Killing SCPs is optional.

Chaos Insurgency spawn on the surface near Gate A.

They can be identified via their Green clothing and their Gas Masks.



SCP Objects


There are Five different SCP Objects, with only Four being playable.

All SCPs are hostile to every other Role, with their only allies being fellow SCPs.


SCP 049




SCP 049, referred to as "The Plague Doctor" Spawns in with 1200HP.

It spawns a fair distance away from the Low Containment Zone, and it has the slowest movement speed (Except calm shy guy) of all of the SCPs, meaning it is not an immediate threat to any Scientists or Class-D Personnel.

The Plague Doctor kills enemies in one attack, and can re-animate dead enemies by holding E on them quickly after their death.

The less health he has, the less time it takes for him to re-animate enemies into zombies.

SCP 049 can be easily identified by his black clothing and white mask.


SCP 049-2



SCP 049-2 is a player that has been re-animated into a zombie by SCP 049. They spawn with 400HP wherever they were killed.

Their attacks are slow but deal moderate damage. They have the same movement speed as the Plague Doctor.

SCP 049-2 can be easily identified by their skin colour and their dark clothes.


SCP 096




SCP 096 spawns in with 2000HP in the High Containment Zone, where the Commander Keycard is found.

It has a one hit kill.

SCP 096 also has a unique ability. If it it looked at for around 5 seconds, it will become enraged and gain speed where it will be twice as fast as a running player for around 15-20 seconds.


SCP 106




SCP 106 spawns with 700HP, however weapons only deal 2 damage to him.

SCP 106 does no damage, but rather teleports players into a pocket dimension, which is a circular room with 8 hallways to walk through, with 7 resulting in death and one resulting in the player being teleported back into the map.

He can walk through doors (although it does slow him down), and can Teleport by creating a portal.

SCP 106, unlike SCP 049, CAN sprint, so he can easily catch up with other players.







SCP 173 spawns with 2000HP.

SCP 173 is unique, in the fact that it cannot move whilst a player is looking at it.

It is dangerous in the early game whilst people are still starting the round, especially those who spawned in the Light Containment Zone.

SCP 173 kills players instantly by snapping their necks.



SCP 914



SCP 914 is not playable nor hostile, and is only used to refine Keycards.




Areas within the map:


Notice: The map IS randomly Generated, with an exception to the Surface Area.


Light Containment Zone


The Light Containment Zone is where most of the players (Class-D Personnel and Scientists) and SCP 173 spawn.


Points of interest in the Light Containment Zone are the Main Armoury, Bathrooms, SCP 914's Containment Chamber, Class-D Cells, SCP 012s Containment Chamber, SCP 372s Containment Chamber.


The Main Armoury contains a selection of weapons, ranging from Positronic/Smoke Grenades, Pistols, and an SMG.



The Bathroom has a chance to spawn in up to two Keycards and/or the M1911 Pistol.



SCP 372s Containment Chamber has the possibility of finding an M1911 Pistol and/or a Level 1 Administration Keycard.



The Heavy Containment Zone Checkpoint is the gateway to and from the Heavy Containment Zone. There are two of these checkpoints found in the Light Containment Zone. A Keycard with Checkpoint Access is required to open the doors, and once opened you can take either Lift A or B (depending on which checkpoint you are at) which then leads down to the Heavy Containment Zone.



Class-D Cells is the spawn location of all of the Class-D players. This area is obsolete apart from leading into the Light Containment Zone.





Heavy Containment Zone


The Heavy Containment Zone is where SCP 049, SCP 096, and SCP 106 spawn.


Points of interest in the Heavy Containment Zone are SCP 106s Containment Chamber, The Alpha Warhead and a Secondary Armory, the Lifts, and the H.I.D. Prototype Firearm Armoury.


The H.I.D. Prototype Firearm Armoury is a room, which requires a High level Security Keycard, and holds a H.I.D. Weapon that is best used to kill SCP 106. The weapon can only be fired once and then becomes useless.


SCP 106s Containment Chamber requires a High level Keycard to enter. This room allows someone to sacrifice themselves, and then allows another player to active the containment procedure for SCP 106, which despawns him if still alive.


The Lifts, A and B Respectively, will transport players to and from the Light Containment Zone.




The Alpha Warhead room is where you can activate/deactivate the ability to fire the Nuclear Warhead. It has to be set to ON in the room to be able to start up the warhead in the Surface area. This room also contains one Fusion Rifle.




Entrance Zone


The Entrance Zone contains Two points of interest. Gates A and B, which are the only entrance points to the surface, the office room and the Intercom Room.


Gate A is the closest gate to the Chaos Insurgency spawn and the Alpha Warhead Control Room.



Gate B is the closest gate to the Nine-Tailed Fox Spawn, as well as the Escape Area where Scientists and Class-D Personnel need to go.



The intercom room is where a player talks to everyone in the site for around 15 seconds. The Intercom room requires either a Tier 3 Nine-Tailed Fox Lieutenant Keycard or higher, or a Chaos Insurgency Device, to enter. It can be used to communicate vital information, however it also alerts your enemies of your position, and tells them the info as well. You also need a Chaos Insurgency Keycard, a Tier 2 Facility Manager Keycard, a Tier 4 Nine-Tailed Fox Commander Keycard, or an O5 Council Keycard to use the Intercom.




The Office room contains a filing cabinet that has a random chance to drop a radio or a Tier 2 Facility Manager Keycard.



which allows a player to talk to everyone in the site for around 15 seconds. The Intercom room requires a special Keycard to enter.


The Surface


The Surface is the only part of the map that is not randomly generated. This is where Nine-Tailed Fox and Chaos Insurgency will spawn.


The Surface contains arguably the two most important places on the map; The Nuclear Warhead control room, and the Escape room.


The Nuclear Warhead room is where players will detonate the warhead. It requires a Tier 5 Keycard to access.


The Escape room is where the Nine-Tailed Fox spawn and any Scientists or Class-D Personnel that reach this area will despawn and have "Escaped".





Here are all of the weapons in the order listed below: https://imgur.com/a/OsyMMNT


M1911 Pistol


Rarely spawns in any Area of the Map.

Has a 15 round Magazine.


COM15 Pistol


Can't find any info on it at the moment.


Epsilon-11 Standard Rifle


Has a 30 round Magazine




Project 90 SMG


Can't find any info on it at the moment.


Skorpian SMG



Only one of these spawn in the Low Containment Zone Armoury.

Has a 30 round Magazine.



Logicar HAR


Only spawned in Via Chaos Insurgency.

Has a 100 round magazine.



Smoke Grenade


Three can be found in the Low Containment Zone Armoury, and all Chaos Insurgency players spawn with one.



Positronic Grenade


All Nine-Tailed Fox players spawn with one (except Nine-Tailed Fox Guards).

They have a timer of approximately 5 seconds after thrown before they explode.



Newest Weapons:


Some of the old weapons aren't in the game anymore. Will try to update ASAP, but for now heres screenshots of the three new weapons in game.




Misc. Items:


Medical Kit


Medical Kits restore some of your HP when used. Nine-Tailed Fox Scientists and Regular Scientists spawn with one of them. They are a rare spawn and one spawns in the room that SCP 049 spawns in.




Radios are rare spawns inside filing cabinets and Nine-Tailed Fox forces spawn with one. They allow players to communicate to any other player that has a radio that is turned on. Radios have four different ranges that you can communicate on, with the larger ranges using up more battery.




​Disarmers can be used on any human player. It strips away all of the items that they have, dropping them to the floor, and makes it so that the target cannot pick up any other item. The only way to become untied is by going a certain distance away from whoever disarmed you, EG going up an elevator. This only works if the person who disarmed you is not following you.


50 Cent Coin


Useless item. Can be obtained by searching Filing cabinets in the Surface Area Offices.




Rare item that can be found by looting filing cabinets. It can be kept on indefinitely and provides light to the area you aim at.


Weapon Manager


The Weapon Manager allows you to customize your weapon with Different Scopes, Barrel Extensions and Accessories.

Here are all of the possible attachments: https://imgur.com/a/UFphexn


Ending the Game:


Rounds will usually end with only one "Team" Surviving.


Nine-Tailed Foxes and Scientists win if all Chaos Insugency, SCPs and Class-D Personnel are dead.


SCPs will win if all Nine-Tailed Foxes, Class-D Personnel and Scientists are dead. SCPs do NOT need to kill the Chaos Insurgency to win.


Chaos Insurgency win if all Nine-Tailed Foxes and Scientists are killed, and all Class-D Personnel successfully escape or are killed. Chaos Insurgency do NOT need to kill the SCPs to win.


If I left anything out, or have any incorrect information due to old wiki posts/changes we've made to the server I will edit it. Hope this can help you guys understand the game more. I have left out some things as I'm not sure if they are on the server, if so I shall add them.

Edited by Zero Two
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ok ok you took your time but the weapons list is wrong/outdated

2, CI arent actually there to kill SCPs, their sole objective is to get the D boys out and kill MTF. If those two things are done and the only classes left are CI and SCPs, the round will end. Should put that on the class not at the end.

3, you didnt include the unique rooms (like bathroom where either a keycard or handgun can be found) or the elucid rooms

lemme do it next time charlie you used too much yello my eyes hurt

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ok ok you took your time but the weapons list is wrong/outdated

2, CI arent actually there to kill SCPs, their sole objective is to get the D boys out and kill MTF. If those two things are done and the only classes left are CI and SCPs, the round will end. Should put that on the class not at the end.

3, you didnt include the unique rooms (like bathroom where either a keycard or handgun can be found) or the elucid rooms

lemme do it next time charlie you used too much yello my eyes hurt


Yeah I'm gonna edit the extra rooms in now, I forgot about the bathroom honestly, Will also edit the CI class for clarity.


Also if the colours hurt people's eyes or make it hard to read I can change them too


What about the weapon list is wrong? If its with the Fusion weapons, they're all the wiki says, but I'll dig deeper and see if I can get the exact ones right


I'll also be adding more Miscellaneous items in (medkit, disarmer etc) soon

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