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Grenade Training [CS:S Sourcemod plugin]


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I've created a sourcemod plugin for Counter-Strike:Source that allows players to use noclip and get all grenades (hegrenade, flashbang and smokegrenade).

This is used so that players can practice throwing grenades, flashes and smokes.


Players simply create a bind on the console for using noclip like so:

bind i sm_toggle_noclip


And for getting grenades players create a bind on console like so:

bind o sm_give_nades


Additionally, the grenade trajectory is an adaption of an existing sourcemod plugin, I adapted it for CS:S only and fixed the bug of showing a grenade trajectory after being dead.

Added the feature of toggling on and off the grenade trajectory with a bind on the console:
bind t sm_toggle_grenade_trajectory

Also added the ability to generate a config file for the convars of the plugin on the cfg/sourcemod/ folder (See the thread where I posted the adaptation of the plugin on alliedmodders https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=292767&page=3 )


Note: Does not require sv_cheats enabled.

Simply add these two files to the addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder to install the plugins.

Requires sourcemod and metamod to be installed.




Here is a video demonstrating the plugins in action (Sorry for the black bars):


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Changed the grenade training plugin
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