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Free Tf2 Jb Admin Applications (Closed)

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Yes... That's right...

Anyways, we're in need for experienced admins who can help get this server up and running, so until we can get the server stable, we're going to be offering some free (yay) admin.

In order to qualify you must
  • Be a HG Member+
  • Have a mic
  • Own TF2...
  • Know the rules of jailbreak like the back of your hand, and willing to enforce them
  • Have no recent, active, or extremely incriminating tlists
  • Have no abuse reports marked [ADMIN BANNED] or [ADMIN REMOVED]
  • Have a minimum combined playtime in any of our JB servers of 24 hours
If you wish to apply, please fill out this template below.

What is your steamid?

How old are you?

How long have you been playing on our jailbreak server(s)?

Have you ever been admin on our jailbreak server? If so, how long?

If you have ever been admin on another server, please state which, and for how long:

Are you willing to abide by, and enforce ALL of our rules?

What time(s) (include timezone) do you usually play?

What previous financial contribution have you made to HG (This is not a must have, but it helps)?

You won't go on a power trip, now will you?

And just a few things about this admin: We reserve the right to give, or not to give this to anyone we please. We also reserve the right to take away any one's free admin at any time with or without warning. If you abuse, you will likely find your free admin stripped.

Note If you're currently a HG Veteran (HG | ), or have admin on any of our JB servers, you will pretty much 99% get the free admin, as long as you fill out the template properly. If you already have admin on TF2 though, you don't need to apply as you'll already have it.

Bigger Note: If you do not fill out the template properly, you will NOT get your admin, and you will NOT be notified that you didn't get it, or as to why. So pay attention...

  - General Admin Guide
  - Jailbreak Admin Guide

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svicious said:

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"Kimzy" said:

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Read bonbon's first post, follow the template and be honest!
And you might get it..
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Dont make any replies in bans, unbans, tlists or abuse reports unless its about you or you have valid proof.
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Opened up jailbreak admin applications to Recruits.
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Thanks to shadowhuntress for this amazing signature!
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Locked per supa for now. More info to come.

Opened until further notice.

Edited by Supa Dupa kjpski, November 15 2016 - 10:08 PM.

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Thanks to shadowhuntress for this amazing signature!
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Imperial Knight

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Replaced by https://hellsgamers....n-application/. Any applications currently here will still be reviewed.

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TF2 Division Leader · HGCE Recruitment Team Leader · HG | Veteran

The TF2 Division needs Moderators, [HG] Members (or recruits with staff referral) and above may apply here.

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