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Dedicatedrejects Vs Hellsgamers

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1. What clan or organization do you represent?

DedicatedRejects; www.dedicatedrejects.com

2. Who will be your person of contact?

Jordan (slyboi48)
Cupii (kupkeek)
Biels (5leib)

3. What game do you want to challenge us in?

Counterstrike global offensive

4. When would you like to schedule the event?

i'll leave that down to you :D

5. Anything you would like to tell us about your clan/organization?

A big community full of a variety of different games and people, we would love to challenge you in a clan war



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If you would like, add me  in steam HG | ASCII [L]. We have a CS:GO 5vs5 team if thats the type of match you are looking for, or we can also do casual clan battle with many participants.  The possibilities are many. Once you contact myself, we can have a talk on teamspeak/steam. hope to hear from you soon.
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[8:07:26 PM] bort: i have a mullet, but equally long on the front too
12:55 PM - HG | Archer [L]: ascii, u got banned?
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i've added you mate.



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As per Ascii | If it is a 5v5, add me on steam, It'll be easiest for you to organize a time with me (assuming a 5v5 bo30 is what you want) http://steamcommunit...id/CallMeStyleZ

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Would the TF2 Jailbreak Scrim Team be able to join in on the fun?

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View PostSKay, on May 11 2014 - 03:33 PM, said:

You don't deserve to even wear a -hg- tag.



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View PostSupreme, on November 19 2013 - 08:32 PM, said:

Would the TF2 Jailbreak Scrim Team be able to join in on the fun?


Icawn said:

7:38 PM - HG | Icon <3 Sui 4 ever: I am a manwhore

Nipple said:

i wanna screw suicide too

Muse said:

And HG got me laid, too, brah. Suicide all night.

(Headband)(EG) said:

Y u so sexy?


misc [10:48 PM] what is OG?

sirius [10:51 PM] Original Gangster

misc [10:52 PM] ok, still no idea what you're talking about

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[HG] Suicide #GCR: remember all the things that you and I did first
[HG] Suicide #GCR: and now your doing them with her
HG | DIAMELO [A]: wrong chat?
[HG] Suicide #GCR: i dont give a shit no one else can have ya
[HG] Suicide #GCR: i want you back
HG | DIAMELO [A]: i dont understand


9:20 PM - HG | Archer: i dont get ur logic lol
9:20 PM - HG | Archer: u silly white boy

9:32 PM - HG | Archer: why u keep saying mine? im single
9:32 PM - HG | Archer: single lady

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