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HG Election Results 2020

colinthe5 By colinthe5, in HG News, , 31 comments, 2681 views

Come find out who's your new Upper Leadership! ecd9433fdec8143b0362c97abe5a1244.png


Before I say anything, I just want to personally thank you for participating in this election if you have! Also, I want to thank the participants for expressing your interest in HellsGamers Upper Leadership. Without you guys, we couldn't have made this possible at all. During this process, the Elections Committee has reviewed each participant to see who's the best fit for all of these positions. Along that, we've also reviewed the votes. Some were really close, and some were not-so-close. A couple years back, we decided that Staff+ and Member+ were both pooled in to determine the winner for each position.


For this year, we've made it so that Staff+ was heavily weighted toward a certain candidate and the Members+ vote helped break close spots to see who fits the best spot for the position PLUS a better general vision to see who is the absolute best fit for that position.


Without further ado, here are your new Executive Council and Council Board of Directors:


Executive Council


Executive Director of Internal Affairs: Silly

  • Mentor: Kigen

Executive Director of External Affairs: ValueSensi

  • Mentor: Alienware


Council's Board of Directors

Director of Gaming Divisions: EddieCam

  • Mentor: Silly


Director of Community Engagement (HGCE): DirtyDNA

  • Mentor: Admiral Mack


Director of Development (HGDC): Icon

Congratulations to our new board members! It is highly encouraged to spam their wonderful profiles with juicy, top quality memes (also not forgetting to congratulate them!).

Also, you may have noticed each position has a mentor. The goal of the mentor is to make sure that there is a smooth transition between the old and new candidates.

The winners of each position will take their full seat within a year while in the meantime, they are being trained by these Mentors. Once they have fully taken their spot as Director of X, then the mentors will be promoted to Senior Director (based on an evaluation if they succeed in their mentoring). Lead Directors are the current second year term elects.

As HG further progresses into the future, I'm looking forward for these candidates to express their ideas to benefit HG in every single way possible.

I look forward to their hard work for these Board members. It was a pleasure leading this year's Elections, and I hope you will continue to support us throughout the years to come.


Love you all, stay beautiful.




 Señor Executive SecretaryLead Election Commissioner



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