Overwatch Extravaganza

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Come watch our upcoming inter-community OverWatch event!!


Thanks KittyCat <3





Your community needs YOU, for the Overwatch Extravaganzerino!


Similar to the well-known Battle of The Communites event, this will be an eight team

extravaganza with all eight teams composed of members of different gaming communities,

consisting of an upper bracket and a lower bracket, double elimination style. Whether you're

here to win, or just looking to have a fun, competitive styled atmosphere, the winner will

have bragging rights, and be named the Overwatch 6v6 champion!


All games will be best-of-ones, besides round four of the lower bracket, the semifinals and

the grand finals being best-of-threes. All teams must have 6 players, and an optional 2 subs

chosen for each team beforehand




March 4th & 5th, 4PM EST



Participating communities:


Where to watch:


Every game will be streamed over on ongames' channel, linked below. Come show support for your

team in twitch chat as they battle their way to the grand finals!




Event Organizers:


Event Host - Harle

Event Cohost - ongames

CE Staff - Peacemaker

CE Staff - Menoch

Dedicated Caster - Kudo


Brackets & Players:



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