HG Community Newsletter (June 2021)

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Come one, come all, as we recap the month of June in the latest release of the community newsletter!

Let's give a warm welcome to our newest -hg- Recruits:
-hg- Akin
-hg- Chocolate Milk
-hg- Dwayne The Croc Johnson
-hg- Eman
-hg- Freshツ
-hg- Gabba4ever
-hg- imaxa
-hg- irishmang
-hg- Kim Jong Graceful
-hg- Kingy
-hg- M3R4
-hg- obama hamburger
-hg- Perry The Platypus (1)
-hg- Rangewonk
-hg- RedZ
-hg- Russian.Panda
-hg- Salsa
-hg- Vital

Congratulations to the newest [HG] Members:
[HG] Blue Cube
[HG] Gm0X
[HG] LeifyBeans
[HG] The Dude


CS:S Division News

The server lineup in CS:S has been more or less the same for quite some time. We're working on making some changes to the lineup, including introducing a new gamemode! Keep an eye out for future updates.

Do you enjoy our servers? Would you like to help us out? CS:S is looking for active Mods! You can find all the requirements and the application here.

Speaking of Mods, a new one joined the team last month. Congratulations to KikkoMan on the promotion!

Lastly, there's a new guy with a Shrek-colored name, and that's the new Division Leader, Lucas15! (I didn't know how to write this without sounding arrogant.)

CS:GO Division News

The latest version of our Jailbreak map is now live and ready to be enjoyed by all! So what changed? You can read all about it here, or experience it first hand in-game.

While we're talking about Jailbreak, let's welcome the new Trial Mods. Congratulations to Cam Payne, ColinKrengel, froggies093, fruitman, Jeri :), Kenji, LeifyBeans, and membes4life69!

There's a new sheriff in town. Well, co-sheriff, as IronClawZ was promoted to Division Leader! He'll be splitting the workload with Peacemaker to keep the division great.

GMod Division News

The division named after a mod some guy named Garry made had some shake ups in their team. First and foremost, congratulations to Train on becoming a Moderator!

An old face is back in the saddle. Congratulations to McLovin who has rejoined the Division Staff team!

And last but not least, Ryze stepped up to help shape the future of the division as a Division Leader!

Rust Division News

Rust welcomed several new Moderators to the team! Congratulations to Lyzrus on Trial Mod, and milkish, myes, Rangewonk, and sqnch on full Mod!

There was also an addition to the leadership team as Moose took a leap into Division Staff!

TF2 Division News

Have you tried any of TF2's Trade servers? If not, you should stop by Trade 2! It's a fun deathmatch-style experience waiting for you to join.

Don't forget to stop by and show their other servers some love as well. You can find all of TF2's servers here.

Community Engagement News

The GFX team has a new CEL. Congratulations to Combine in the promotion!

There are several events in the works that will soon be scheduled. Remember to keep an eye on the calendar so you don't miss the next event!

Looking to do more in the community? Take the initiative and submit an HGCE application! All teams, including events, are looking for more members.

Development Community News 

Mapping is requires some creativity. With that said, the mapping team welcomed Benneyo, Rains, and sqnch to the crew!

The Bug Busters (aka the "break many things team") also welcomed a new face. Welcome Lynxx to the team!

The Sourcemod Dev team is actively looking for more members to help with development. If interested, consider applying for HGDC by going here.

Gaming Divisions News

Recruiting new faces into HG is essential for growth. No matter what division or rank you're in, you can help us out greatly by recruiting!

If you have any friends or know some regular players in our servers who you think would like to join HeLLsGamers, have them submit a recruit application.

To help EddieCam with his busy schedule, Spawn was promoted to Associate Director of Gaming Divisions! Congratulations on the well-deserved promotion!

General Community News

Do you ever join us on Teamspeak? We have a lot of active members who use our Teamspeak server every single day. Whether you're gaming or just want to chat, we welcome you with open arms.

Visit this page for help joining our Teamspeak server. If you need a server group, poke someone in the Staff Helpdesk for assistance.

You likely know at this point that we rely on donations to keep everything online. So as per usual, we'd like to thank these generous donors from June:

  • BravoMan
  • brgr.
  • ColinKrengel
  • EddieCam
  • Irishmang
  • ItzGrimeyGaven
  • S41SA

We appreciate each and every donation to the community! If you'd like to help out, you can do so by going here:

Did you know HG doesn't just exist on the forums? Check out our platforms at the link below!

Check out our HG Discord Servers:

We have more than just the few servers you currently play on! Check out our full list here:

Thank you for reading this month's edition of the newsletter. We'll see you next month!

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2 hours ago, Jerry Hat Trick said:

Glad to see that there is a newsletter, but it's actually quite bad.

I'm in no way faulting the effort - I appreciate that it's here at all.

However, as a writer, it is really bare-bones



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