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Welcome Back Jailbreak

    Let us kick JB off in a great way!


Hey you. Yeah. You! The one reading this. I have some fantastic news for you…


Starting on the 15th of December, and running through the 6th of January, the HG CS:GO Jailbreak server will be up and running! That’s right! The thing that started it all for a lot of us is back, and is ready to be played. We even have a Christmas update to go with it! Click on me  to see some of the map.

There was a thread about JB that started a bit ago, and I have read it through quite a few times. And there was a lot of fantastic ideas in there. And I mean a lot! Ultimately, I realized that there is no one single way to “fix” JB.

A lot of members found HG by playing JB. And you know, as much as I want to drastically changes things, and try something new, I don’t think that is the final answer. The best answer IMO is in the people. The one thing JB needs the most is PEOPLE. And you know, I really hope that in the time it is up, we DO see a ton of people, and we DO see a lot of love put into the server.

I wish I could do more, and I wish that it didn’t ever have to go away. I want to see JB come back. I want to see the heart of HG start beating again, and for us all to be there when it happens.

Anyway, I won’t get too terribly mushy in this thread, but I will leave you all with this; who’s ready to get some LRs?


Edit: Changed to 15th as real life stuff will be happening on the 14th.

Edited by *Jaws Theme*

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User Feedback

YES! be prepared for loud sound bytes and a shark chasing you around to the jaws theme song. In honor of JB I'm pulling out the classic JB sound clips. Including but not limited to, "he man sings" "mac quack" and "chuckie cheese for my birthday" 


Hope to see you all for this holly jolly jailbreak season. 

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what is a jailbreak

I will get on when I can, but given timezones and other committments I may seriously struggle. I really hope this is a success though.

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