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HeLLsGamers News

CS:S Server Raid: 07-23-2011

By Guest, in Events, , 0 comments, 1393 views
Thats right, we are bringing back the classic server raid and we want you to help us out!
The event is available for -hg- , [HG] , HG | , and [c]
HG Members must RSVP: https://hellsgamers.com/threads/49565-CS-S-Server-Raid

Day of Defeat: Source

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The time has come for HeLLsGamers to expand into Day of Defeat: Source!


Day of Defeat: Source is a World War 2 based game with 2 teams, the allies and the axis. Both teams fight for capture points to control enemy territory and once one of the teams controls all of the capture points, that team wins. We have one server which is our 24/7 avalanche server that can be found at
Don't have it? No Problem! The game can be purchased in the steam store for only $6.69 ($9.99 when the steam sale is over), and is well worth the money. So come give back to the community by helping populate our first Day of Defeat:Source server!
Not Convinced? How about free admin on the server! All you need to do is send me a PM with your steam ID and a request to be added to the DoD: Source admin list. (HeLLsGamers members only)

July 2011 Demotion List

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Members have been demoted as of 7/5/2011.
The following [HG] Members have been inactive for 90+ Days and have been demoted.
[HG] AnimeFreak
[HG] Bishoujo
[HG] Blackburn
[HG] BLazEN ã‚·
[HG] cover25
[HG] Daedalus
[HG] Daskid
[HG] Dryer Spin
[HG] Heavymetal_fan
[HG] ieatpandas
[HG] K0killer2
[HG] Ken
[HG] KenjiFukui
[HG] KusH
[HG] Leaky Faucet
[HG] Lt.Col dpoint.-Nate
[HG] Magic of Macys
[HG] md.blur
[HG] mr.happy
[HG] Novatof
[HG] pocceemon
[HG] Red and Dead
[HG] Slayer
[HG] soliloquist
[HG] Splizes
[HG] Two-Step
[HG] Vietnam Tom
[HG] xsniperx7 (FEESH)
[HG] Yoohoo
HG.cs | c`LoW
HG.cs | illusi0n
HG.cs | br0ken
HG.cs | phe
The following -hg- Recruits have been inactive for 30+ days and have been demoted.
-hg- ๖ۣۜOG PurpleDrank ๖ۣۜOG
-hg- <JP>
-hg- *~Lucky5t4r~*
-hg- .#d4nK
-hg- /Spacely/
-hg- 123zc
-hg- 48Rabbit
-hg- aceroc
-hg- AcHiLLeS
-hg- aforgottenoob
-hg- Akihosin
-hg- Almika
-hg- Alpha808
-hg- AltF4
-hg- Amplify^
-hg- Anarchy24
-hg- Anz1
-hg- armand
-hg- asd
-hg- Asics
-hg- Athlon
-hg- Axio
-hg- A_Rabid_Cat
-hg- BackDBandit
-hg- Backpage
-hg- Bambi
-hg- bearattack
-hg- Big Nasty
-hg- blackgun76
-hg- BlackPvt.Parts
-hg- blademast329
-hg- Bobby is so tense
-hg- boeing Guy
-hg- Bos
-hg- Bradlius
-hg- Break`
-hg- Bunny
-hg- Cakespray
-hg- Capt. Cock Block
-hg- carrillo232
-hg- cassgirl21
-hg- Chester Chuckles
-hg- Chocolate Pancakes
-hg- Chubs
-hg- Colt
-hg- CorruptedSinner
-hg- Countable
-hg- cpoz421
-hg- Cribin
-hg- Crispey01
-hg- cryptiikxi
-hg- Cryptovirology
-hg- dacookiemonstax
-hg- danielaung
-hg- Dargoria
-hg- darkkiller
-hg- DarkSpartanOne
-hg- Daunte
-hg- deathbox
-hg- DeathRacer
-hg- DeathSwitch
-hg- DeBon4G
-hg- DemocracyIsDead
-hg- dennis
-hg- Denode
-hg- DeNoob
-hg- Donkeyfish
-hg- Dont BLink
-hg- DoritosMan
-hg- DrClutch
-hg- DreamMerked
-hg- Drugged Koala Bear
-hg- drummer_920
-hg- dukstr315
-hg- Ecoste
-hg- emnesty16
-hg- eod
-hg- extremfail
-hg- Falco
-hg- Fallout
-hg- Fatical
-hg- FIBR3 OP7iX
-hg- frost
-hg- Frylock
-hg- Fuguzawaz
-hg- Fumbles
-hg- furrbyy
-hg- G-mAn
-hg- Gangster Bean
-hg- Garm1oo
-hg- Gator
-hg- Gavin
-hg- Goat
-hg- GoMbY
-hg- Gooch
-hg- GoodOddsAgainst
-hg- Gorilla
-hg- GreensKoolAid
-hg- GroundZ
-hg- guy-
-hg- havock07
-hg- headband
-hg- heyimjustin
-hg- higoishigami
-hg- Hobag
-hg- hobodemuerto
-hg- HustlerBunny
-hg- hyeroller
-hg- i H A X
-hg- I like Waffles
-hg- ihcTactics
-hg- ImmaBustYour_TheTerminator
-hg- inautikin
-hg- JamesButryn
-hg- jangofet120
-hg- jasonBuffa
-hg- Jeffro456B
-hg- Jesus
-hg- Joker
-hg- JToke12
-hg- jwtingle423
-hg- kadinho10
-hg- KanyoN
-hg- Kapn Krunch
-hg- kidwars9954
-hg- Killroy
-hg- KingTiger95
-hg- KizZeh
-hg- klolp
-hg- Knives And Bullets
-hg- knownfornipples
-hg- Koko
-hg- Korea_xD
-hg- Kreiel
-hg- Krunk Fu
-hg- Kurou!
-hg- Kush boy
-hg- kushkontrol
-hg- lafaver
-hg- Last Hope
-hg- Lee
-hg- LegionOfKrios
-hg- Liammm
-hg- Libertus
-hg- LifeUpStudios
-hg- limecat
-hg- lmparkhurst
-hg- lolbomb
-hg- LOLpants
-hg- LoneWolf925
-hg- Look Its Vee
-hg- loomis
-hg- Lord Marshall Fox
-hg- LordCremation
-hg- Lord_Void
-hg- LSGraal
-hg- Luda-Tissue
-hg- MacDj
-hg- Magic Rastaf
-hg- magz123
-hg- Malf�us
-hg- malingator
-hg- Manignort
-hg- Matakes
-hg- Matthew
-hg- Maus
-hg- Maxer
-hg- mazak
-hg- mclovin189
-hg- Mehan
-hg- meloaded
-hg- Menthro
-hg- Merz
-hg- mikevm
-hg- MikeYM
-hg- milkbone911
-hg- minzy
-hg- Mister Herbert
-hg- MitchMonsta
-hg- Mkoki
-hg- Moonberry
-hg- Moopsy
-hg- mrblonde321
-hg- MrFuzzy
-hg- mrs.happy
-hg- n3m1s1s
-hg- Nachtelend
-hg- naruto12900
-hg- Neontank
-hg- Neptune
-hg- Nickals
-hg- Nimnitz
-hg- Ninja101
-hg- Ninja`
-hg- Nok Tragedy
-hg- Nova
-hg- Novalogics
-hg- nrd
-hg- Nuggz
-hg- nycelite
-hg- NyGhTMaRE
-hg- Over9000
-hg- PancakZ
-hg- Pandemic
-hg- Pedo Clyde
-hg- Po Lice
-hg- Poopin The Turd
-hg- priddle
-hg- rambo
-hg- Randy
-hg- Reaper1337
-hg- Reflex0494
-hg- Rhazey
-hg- Rick Astley
-hg- rickjames
-hg- RikuYe
-hg- Rmerac
-hg- rygaku
-hg- SabreW
-hg- Sadface
-hg- sam77
-hg- sammer2232
-hg- SAS_lynx
-hg- Sato
-hg- scottyyy
-hg- secretbloxer
-hg- September
-hg- sharpie264
-hg- Sheeppy
-hg- ShowTime
-hg- Sick-Ed
-hg- Sid183
-hg- Sirfancalot
-hg- skipper142
-hg- SkoalEdge
-hg- Skruf
-hg- Sparx229
-hg- Sprinsky
-hg- State =ATL=
-hg- StealthPredator
-hg- Stevenson
-hg- StevYYY
-hg- stickfrog
-hg- Stutters
-hg- Sub
-hg- SuBz3r0
-hg- SubZero
-hg- Suler47
-hg- SupaLolCat
-hg- SuperSix
-hg- SwampChomp
-hg- Swifty
-hg- Syaoran
-hg- Syndicate
-hg- T3CH N9ne
-hg- Tesseus
-hg- TH3xON3
-hg- TheBobSaget
-hg- TheeeAsian
-hg- TheRealJosh
-hg- Tig3r
-hg- Tony Urmoma
-hg- TorsoShirt
-hg- TurtlesCanFly
-hg- T�k�n
-hg- ublinkd
-hg- UndeadSoldier411
-hg- Vin'ss
-hg- Waldo
-hg- warteck
-hg- WeaverTheMonkey
-hg- wicked7000
-hg- will.kill4kronic
-hg- Wipeout
-hg- Wodahs
-hg- x iBEAN x
-hg- X3n0n
-hg- xToYSolDiieR-x-
-hg- Y0G|S0TH0TH
-hg- Yellow Simba Cat GOD
-hg- Young Blood
-hg- zAl Gore
-hg- Zeb.
-hg- Zeeky Note
-hg- Ziggy Stardust
-hg- Zoltan
-hg- Zombiefreek
Remember to stay active on the forums and in-game. If you have any problems please feel free to contact Jella or Jake

Bug Tracker Feature

By Guest, in Server News, , 0 comments, 993 views
HeLLsGamers now has a brand new bug tracker !
Have you encountered an issue with the forums or our servers? Submit a bug report and staff will address the issue as soon as possible. This should help keep our community as bug-free as possible!!
If you have any questions regarding how to use the bug tracker, please feel free to message a staff member.

July Giveaway!

By Guest, in Free Giveaways, , 0 comments, 1392 views
In celebration of my 2 years with HeLLsGamers,
I will be giving away a $50 Gift Card for
AND your choice of any Steam Game up to $50.
Must be an active Admin/VIP/Member of HeLLsGamers (-hg- and up).
(Yes, Staff and Council ..this means you too!)
Please Post In This Thread If You Want To Enter!
On July 30th, I will make a video of who the winner is.
Good Luck & Have Fun!
Thanks for being so amazing HG!

Newest staff member!

By Guest, in HeLLsGamers News, , 0 comments, 795 views
Its my honor to welcome
as our newest staff member!!

Kigen is to thank for the security of HeLLsGamers servers, along with hundreds of other servers
Make sure to leave him a lovely note!
...and we can't forget our returning staff members
Among many other things, Kigen will help to restore and rebuild jailbreak to be better than ever.

June Giveaway

By Guest, in Free Giveaways, , 0 comments, 1579 views
WINNER is Kirk!!
On June 30th we will be giving away the following:
Gaming Mice: Razer DeathAdder of your choice*: Razer Store
Gaming Keyboard: Razer Expert Keyboard of your choice*: Razer Store
* $59.99 Mice of equal or lesser value
* $79.99 Keyboard of equal or lesser value
** Edited per Paypal AUP.

[HG] TF2 Vanilla Rotation

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Server IP:
<a href="https://hellsgamers.com/servers.php?do=view&id=195" target="_blank"><img src="http://cache.www.gametracker.com/server_info/" border="0" width="350" height="20" alt=""/></a>
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