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HeLLsGamers News

Server Updates

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Premium Mod added to OfficeNTF Server
14 New maps added to Zombiemod Server

With the success of our Europe servers popularity, Premium Mod will be added soon!

Now, it's killing time!

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12 New Team Fortress 2 servers have been launched. Mainly to cover our quest for world domination. HG now has 30 TF2 servers and 56 game servers in Total.
Server and IPs:







GORGE: GameME Stats

ORANGE: GameME Stats

ARENA: GameME Stats


WELL: GameME Stats


Enjoy the new servers!
You can find the entire server list at http://www.hellsgamers.com/servers
Update: Top20 VIP now enable on new TF2 servers

Player Events

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Because HG members are doing it for us! Click to see MUSE Free Admin Contest.
Congratulations to Batters who won free admin a couple days ago in the Player Event from PISCIAN
*** UPDATE ***

February 2011 Demotions

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The following [HG] Members have been inactive for 80+ Days and are being demoted.
[HG] Apathy
[HG] Big Mac
[HG] China Man
[HG] Deadly Cornflakes
[HG] DeFuze
[HG] Foxra
[HG] General Red
[HG] Graximus
[HG] Illmatic
[HG] Jalepeno
[HG] john connor
[HG] Jones
[HG] JuIcY
[HG] K!wi
[HG] Kamakaze
[HG] Kineman
[HG] KoopaTroopa
[HG] NiHLiStiC
[HG] PuRpLeKush=D
[HG] rabidsquirrel01
[HG] ricky2442
[HG] SecondReaction
[HG] Siphaed
[HG] Skiptron
[HG] smokedepot
[HG] Spartan
[HG] Superhuman
[HG] thatswhatshesaid!
[HG] Tofuhamster
[HG] Twin Turbo Supra
[HG] xnitex
[HG] zoro34
The following -hg- Recruits have been inactive for 30+ days and are being demoted.
-hg- killers25
-hg- **Gnomegusta**
-hg- -=T3RROR=-
-hg- -soap
-hg- AdmittingSword
-hg- adomorn
-hg- AGPL
-hg- (unbound)
-hg- **VEER**
-hg- 2Robots
-hg- abc123
-hg- accroba4me
-hg- agenT_Pman
-hg- aLLeN
-hg- all2quick
-hg- AlmostFamous
-hg- Almostunreal
-hg- ALowFlyingPotato
-hg- alyl603
-hg- Annoyed Tree
-hg- armeros
-hg- Armo
-hg- asd
-hg- asics
-hg- AssClown
-hg- AslyuM
-hg- ATi GUY
-hg- Azzazel
-hg- BadIdea
-hg- Bake!
-hg- Baker
-hg- Ballsack
-hg- bball
-hg- Beardfits
-hg- BiGRiG
-hg- BinkSayres
-hg- bipo1arcat
-hg- BipolarSloth
-hg- Birdflu
-hg- birdie903
-hg- Blackhawk123
-hg- blademast239
-hg- bladezguy
-hg- Blocker
-hg- Bloodkiller
-hg- Bob from Shippin?
-hg- bolicz
-hg- Boofdmon
-hg- boogiem4n
-hg- BrokenHeartNick
-hg- BubbleGumHero
-hg- Buckley1313
-hg- Bynamite
-hg- CaBNaStY
-hg- CampinCarl
-hg- Capt. Reese
-hg- captain moore
-hg- Champ512
-hg- chibithemoocow
-hg- Chilly
-hg- chip
-hg- Chipmunk
-hg- chucknorris
-hg- chocolatebearbrest
-hg- chodaslice
-hg- Christopher
-hg- Church_
-hg- Ciq
-hg- cid
-hg- cloakedling
-hg- cold blooded killa
-hg- colin
-hg- conorm1418
-hg- Corept
-hg- Cpt.Price
-hg- crackmonkey
-hg- craz-slaybomb
-hg- creative
-hg- cskiller
-hg- cyclonemagnum
-hg- D3m0nix
-hg- Danteisme
-hg- Dare
-hg- darkendeath
-hg- darkmaiku
-hg- Daunte
-hg- Dbot
-hg- Deadlyz
-hg- death_king
-hg- Degenerate
-hg- Dimitri Solotov
-hg- Desert eagle
-hg- diddly
-hg- diddy konga
-hg- dinorawr
-hg- DirtyDan
-hg- djlemonic
-hg- Dj_Karl
-hg- dmz
-hg- donny
-hg- Dust
-hg- Ecoste
-hg- Electro gipsy
-hg- elmokk
-hg- ergROB
-hg- Esther
-hg- exdakine
-hg- fails
-hg- Fastpokenuggi
-hg- featuredbow
-hg- FenixNR
-hg- FLQ
-hg- Flubb
-hg- Fried
-hg- Frostdigi
-hg- GamerFMDjcory
-hg- General T
-hg- gipsy
-hg- girly
-hg- glichy
-hg- gman
-hg- Golden Titan
-hg- griZ
-hg- gunslinger
-hg- guru
-hg- handbanana
-hg- handglove
-hg- hanahmontana
-hg- hash
-hg- heartxoxo
-hg- helloimkevin
-hg- heyitspepsi
-hg- i am panda
-hg- iced tea
-hg- Insolator
-hg- ionik
-hg- ivef
-hg- joemamma
-hg- jangofet
-hg- jarhead
-hg- jason
-hg- jax
-hg- jason
-hg- jb
-hg- jdog
-hg- jechob
-hg- jerm
-hg- jester
-hg- justme
-hg- jwood
-hg- kapn krunch
-hg- kbb
-hg- killer657
-hg- killerbad
-hg- klolp
-hg- knivesandbullets
-hg- kommander
-hg- kronic
-hg- kromzy
-hg- kwizzle
-hg- lazydood
-hg- lebron
-hg- lee
-hg- legion
-hg- let the goat out
-hg- life
-hg- lil
-hg- limecat
-hg- locar
-hg- lolbomb
-hg- lolmonster
-hg- scar
-hg- luda
-hg- mac daddy
-hg- magic
-hg- malic
-hg- malif
-hg- mazik
-hg- mclovin
-hg- mehan
-hg- meloaded
-hg- menthro
-hg- mercenary
-hg- mercury
-hg- merz
-hg- mikeym
-hg- mikeymoose
-hg- mike
-hg- imster
-hg- monkey
-hg- moops
-hg- mops
-hg- mortor
-hg- morsher
-hg- nipple
-hg- gumps
-hg- mr E
-hg- mrquickify
-hg- ms purple
-hg- mudkip
-hg- naeseel
-hg- navi
-hg- nerd
-hg- nerikomi
-hg- nieldy
-hg- nim
-hg- ninja
-hg- ninjakid
-hg- ninjaturtle
-hg- nomo
-hg- oppz
-hg- optional
-hg- ortin
-hg- ozzizy
-hg- papa
-hg- parket
-hg- pastuh
-hg- perkuh
-hg- peter
-hg- phantom
-hg- phyber
-hg- physco
-hg- phyzik
-hg- pig
-hg- pivot
-hg- pro
-hg- prostriker
-hg- punisher
-hg- quick
-hg- rock
-hg- real
-hg- redmon
-hg- rage clutch
-hg- Rantrel
-hg- rex
-hg- rougecompany
-hg- royal sniper
-hg- rusk
-hg- serv
-hg- sabboth
-hg- savicious
-hg- scott
-hg- scout
-hg- seecret
-hg- seth
-hg- sgt slaughter
-hg- shenanigans
-hg- shockala
-hg- Shokkatweej
-hg- shotdown
-hg- shotgun
-hg- sickness
-hg- simbo
-hg- skeez
-hg- skipper
-hg- skimbo
-hg- skyka
-hg- slash
-hg- sneakysnake
-hg- sneakytoe
-hg- snipeaway
-hg- solar
-hg- solidsnake
-hg- somewaffles
-hg- soulist
-hg- spade
-hg- spartamra
-hg- spirit
-hg- sskilla
-hg- stealth
-hg- stricken
-hg- sundee
-hg- superz
-hg- taco
-hg- tactitian
-hg- the camel
-hg- the dawg
-hg- theninja
-hg- williamwallace
-hg- thedayi
-hg- thedesignateddrinker
-hg- thrillhouse
-hg- tommy
-hg- totalawesome
-hg- trealmnomes
-hg- troll
-hg- turbo
-hg- tymaa
-hg- tyong
-hg- vaelannis
-hg- vivian
-hg- weezy
-hg- westicide
-hg- whirlm
-hg- whopper
-hg- puddi
-hg- wildcard
-hg- wyatt
-hg- x7171
-hg- xecution
-hg- xnecron
-hg- xpro
-hg- xtasee
-hg- xxhypperxx
-hg- xxninjaxx
-hg- yahtzee
-hg- yes man
-hg- yogiibear
-hg- zack
-hg- zart
-hg- zcrashz
-hg- zero
-hg- zipzap
-hg- znork
-hg- zombie reaper
Please remember to stay active, this community is ran by its active members.
Epic thanks to n1ck!

[NEW] TF2 Server: 24/7 FRONTIER

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Frontier is a single-stage Payload map with 4 control points for BLU to capture. It is orientated towards organizing pushes around the cart's movement to benefit from its significant protection in lieu of suppressing RED, since the layout of terrain is much in favor of the RED team. The crowning feature of Frontier is its custom cart, "Li'l Chew-Chew".
Server IP:
<a href="https://hellsgamers.com/servers.php?do=view&id=171" target="_blank"><img src="http://cache.www.gametracker.com/server_info/" border="0" width="350" height="20" alt=""/></a>
GameME Stats

HeLLsGamers and GriffinRUN are now partners!

By Guest, in Sponsors, , 0 comments, 1279 views
GriffinRUN has established itself as a top of the line game server provider since first serving the community in early 1995. The company has associated itself with taking pride in putting their customers first and foremost. Always striving to raise the bar of perfection, GriffinRUN provides our users with the most advanced services that others just can't compete with. We intend to continue our tradition of excellence by exercising our professionally trained staff, continuing our push for affordable server hosting, and giving the customer what is demanded in the competitive environment we have today.
http://www.griffinrun.net/ Save 25% off on your next purchase! Coupon Code "ilovehg"[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]


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Hey all, ramPage here. I've made a gui for you guys. This is pretty much the exact GUI I've used for a while now.
Graphical features:
-Red menu, orange in-game HUD(orange is easier to see)
-Remade, transparent scoreboard
-Bigger deathnotices so you can see who kills who easier
-Chat fix(chat is placed lower so you aren't distracted by it)
-Shaded HUD
In the options menu:
-Buy binds
-Quick switch binds to primary, secondary, flash, ect.
-Demo playback binds
-Map overview bind
-zb_teamcash bind
-ESEA .ready bind


GUI Download
Place "cstrike" folder in "\Steam\steamapps\***YOUR STEAM ACC NAME***\counter-strike source"
Wallpaper Download

Mid February GiveAway for Premium Members - nVidia GTX570

By Guest, in HeLLsGamers News, , 0 comments, 1109 views
Hello HellsGamers,
If you need a video card, look no further!
This month, as a premium member, you have a chance to win a nVidia GTX570.
so if you subscribe to Admin or Premium, head over to the VIP forum and sign up on the thread.
If you haven't signed up already, follow this link to support HellsGamers and for a chance to win a nVidia GTX570 graphics card!
[spoiler=For those interested, here are the specifications]

- 470 Stream (CUDA) Cores
- 40 ROPs
- 1.25 GB of GDDR5 SDRAM (3.8 GHz effective rate)
- 320-bit memory bus width
- Texture Address Filtering 60/60
- Typical clock speed: 732 MHz
- Typical shader clock speed: 1464 MHz
- Typical memory clock: 950 MHz
Here is a review as well: here
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