What Warrants A "group Ban"


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Suicide or Archer


What warrants a group ban? I understand the one behind Slayers Gaming, but what about other steam groups? I.E. Since Steam is open to anyone, that means there are steam groups out there dedicated to Racial Supremacy. Are groups like those automatically banned or do they need to "earn" their ban by having their members come on to HG servers and troll / be themselves (racist)? Are preemptive group bans going to become a thing? There are also people who could have their steam default group be something racist, which would show up on GameMe next to their name, as well as next to their name In-game on some HG Servers. I am not asking about admin procedure on handling people with racist steam groups individually, we can not make them leave the group, we can ask them to change their default to something else or set to none, I am asking what would the procedure be towards the group, if their members are intentionally being toxic on HG servers.

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