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What's your ride?


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So this thread is about what kind of vehicle you drive have it be a Car, Truck. Motorcycle , Dun-buggy, Bicycle, Little Red Wagon. Post up Pictures, Videos, Details, Makes, Models, Engine Size whatever you think you need to say about it.


For you little one's that can't drive yet or are to poor to buy a vehicle. Post of the vehicle of your dreams and how you are going to reach your goal of getting it in the future.


Feel free to comments on any just the pic or post that are put up. Please don't disrespect them though or a forums mod might get you. Don't be afrird to post up your shitty vehicle guys, atleast you have one unlike a lot of your peers.


We'll be starting it off with my car and will post up my two bikes later on. Remember to always use Imgur for the uploading of your pictures to the HG Forums.

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1999 Pontiac Firebird Base Coupe



Average Resale Value: $5,265

MPG: 30 mpg

Bodystyle: Coupe








3,790 cc 3.8 liters 6 V front longitudinal engine with 96.5 mm bore, 86.4 mm stroke,

9.4 compression ratio, cast iron block, cast iron head, overhead valve and two valves per cylinder, Unleaded fuel

Fuel economy EPA highway (l/100km): 7.8, Multi-point injection fuel system, 64 liter fuel tank

Power: 149 kW , 200 HP @ 5,200 rpm; 225 ft lb , 305 Nm @ 4,000 rpm


Well be looking for upgrade the engine to a Ls1 or Lt1 depends on what totaled out cars I find and the price for them. Just got new rims for the old girl that i need to buy tires for yet, and the decal of a Grimripper is going on the back window. Look forward tot he update of the car soon. Please don't be scared everyone to post up what you drive.. Looking forward to seeing Jetta, Roley, Homer, Ttam, The_Monkey, Clark, Master [He got a pimp ass car], Weeman, CantBeFaded [Pimp Ass Bikes], and All you other Hg members as well. Woot

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NYC MTA subway train

Occupancy: Fuckload more then what should be allowed

Power: 147.5hp (110kW)

MPG: Its All Electric Baby

Cost: $1.3million ish

Daily cost: $2.25 a ride


Comments: My whip is never on time and the bitch ain't ever working and they tryin to raise fares? If gas wasnt like $4.04 a gallon things would be soo different.

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2013 EDIT:


2012 Audi R8 Spyder

2010 GMC 2500HD with the Duramax and Alison transmission option

2006 Bmw M5 e60 all options besides air conditioned seats.

2006 Harley Davidson Fat Boy

2010 KTM 530 Ex-c (Currently for sale)


2001 Honda S2000 (sold)

1982 Ferrari BB 512I (only had for a month then traded for the yellow bird)

1987 Ruf CTR Yellow bird (Mine was called the Red bird because i changed the color)

2011 Mini cooper (Crashed)

2007 Yamaha WR 250 (sold)

2012 Polaris razor (sold)

1966 Corevette sting ray (sold)

1990 300zx 2+2 (sold)

1993 Toyota supra (sold)

1996 Honda accord (Crashed)

2003 Bmw m3 e46 (sold)

2008 subaru wrx (sold)

2010 Camaro (fun fact: That is actually a Hennessy HPE800, It was their first one to make) (sold)

------------------------Soon to have----------------------------

1970 Chevy Nova SS L89 (Matching Numbers)

1955 Chevy Nomad custom

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2010 gmc 2500hd with the duramax and alison transmission option

2006 bmw m5 e60 all options besides air conditioned seats.

2011 mini cooper

2006 harley davidson fat boy

2010 ktm 530 ex-c

2007 yamaha wr 250

2012 polaris razor


1966 corevette sting ray

1990 300zx 2+2

1993 toyota supra

1996 honda accord

2003 bmw m3 e46

2008 subaru wrx

2010 camaro

------------------------soon to have----------------------------

2013 audi s4

2013 camaro zl1 (just put the order in a week ago!)

------------------------pictures of cars-------------------


still looking for pics.


what do you do for a living!?


Are you billy mays' boss?!

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what do you do for a living!?


Are you billy mays' boss?!


Haha, no i am not billy mays boss. I have always worked hard and have always had a passion for things with motors. So a lot of the money i make goes towards cars and such. I work for intuitive surgical robotics. Hence why my profile picture is that way it is. I work A LOT. I don't really like telling people what i do either, so i just keep it to myself, but since you asked i am more than happy to say.

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2011 BMW 750Li xDrive, pic is in my sig. All-Wheel-Drive, 400 horsepower, Twin Turbochargers, custom radar tracker integrated into the car. Also have a 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. My wife has a 2012 Mercedes E350 Wagon. Btw, I don't have a boss. Also right now I use a 2011 BMW X5 Diesel as a work car. Btw congrats on the new car Blackberry, good choice.



2009 Mercedes ML63 AMG

2010 Cadillac Escalade (Wife's)

2009 GMC Yukon XL Denali (Mine)

2008 BMW M3 (Mine)

2006 Porsche 911 Carrera S Convertible

2003 Audi S4

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