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    well rip me i cant join hgzs because of a connection issue making me time out and cant play it

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    Saw this today.. posted by harambe H4R4MBAE • 1h Shut yo skin tone chicken bone google chrome no home flip phone disowned ice cream cone garden gnome extra chromosome metronome dimmadome genome full blown monochrome student loan indiana jones overgrown flintstone x and y hormone friend zoned sylvester stallone sierra leone autozone professionally seen silver patrone head ass tf up

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    i can never be a weeaboo because i was born in japan #checkmate

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Who Is Sit?

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    HGCE Staff (Outreach)

  • 48 posts
  • LocationEmerald City

For Outreach's second interview with leadership in HG, we interviewed Sit. He is an Associate Director of Gaming Divisions.

Q: Let’s start at the beginning. How did you come across HG?

A: I was browsing the community servers on CS:GO after building my new PC. I found jailbreak and joined because of the number of people on it.

Q: What was different about HG’s CS:GO servers that made you want to join the community?

A: The community that played made me want to join. People like Hail Hydra and bobbythed made it fun to hang out on jailbreak.

Q: What’s your favorite CS:GO server?

A: Jailbreak.

Q: Being an ex CS:GO Division Leader, how would you go about helping the low population we’ve had these past couple months?

A: Moderators and staff need to lead by example. Seeing people actively playing on the servers will make others want to join. When you’re on the server, push others to play by messaging or inviting.  

Q: What other HG servers do you play on outside of CS:GO?

A: Occasionally crackhouse. I try to play other division’s servers from time to time as well.

Q: You’ve held plenty of positions in HG. Compare the workload between Division Staff, Division Leader, Team Lead for CS:GO Development, and Associate Director of Gaming Divisions?

A: Division Staff was probably the hardest. Division Leader and Director is a lot more sitting back and observing to make a decision every now and then. Staff has a lot more hands on work. They take care of bans, moderators, and moderating the servers.

Q: Which position was your favorite?

A: Division Leader. Making decisions for the entire division means you have more control on the outcome on that division.

Q: How big of a jump is going from being in charge of just one division to all of HG’s gaming divisions?

A: It wasn’t  that big of a jump. I tried to play on all different servers in HG so I knew most of the rules in the different divisions which helped. Knowing people from other divisions was good too.

Q: What are the future goals for Gaming Divisions as a whole?

A: Our biggest goal right now is to rebuild the divisions, and make up the population we’ve lost recently. We hope to possibly expand into a battle royale division and get access to custom servers. With the popularity of battle royale games right now, we could host community events.

Q: What are your personal goals? Do you possibly want to run for a position in the elections this year?

A: Not too sure right now, but, will most probably will run for Director of Gaming Divisions.

Q: You’ve had the experience of being falsely banned before. What was that like?

A: It wasn’t too bad for me since it was only a couple days. The others involved didn’t have it as easy as me. My ban got deleted after it was reviewed.

Q: How helpful was HG leadership at the time when you were trying to get unbanned?

A: Archer and Jericho reached out and were very helpful. I had applied for HGDC at the time and Thomas and Ruthless helped me get my application reinstated.

Q: Who had the most influence on you as you moved up through leadership?

A: Joe. He was the Division Leader when I first got moderator and he put me in the right path to move up.

Q: We’ve lost quite a few members of leadership this past week. What are your thoughts on it and how does this affect HG going forward.

A: Although it has hurt HG, I believe it is a good opportunity for us to rebuild leadership. We have already started to bring in new leadership, and those who are left are committed to improving HG.

Q: You and a few HG members were pretty invested in Factorio for a little while. What made that game so fun?

A: It was very different from CS:GO which was the only game I played at the time. Being able to build from scratch intrigued me. Me and some HGDC people were really into it  for a couple weeks.

Q: Any other games you’ve enjoyed recently?

A: When I’ve had time to play it's been CS:GO. Sometimes I’ll play Stick Fight, CS:S, or other single player games.

Q: You seem to be a fan of the Rabbit movie nights. What type of movies are you into?

A: For Rabbit movie nights, shitty comedy movies that everyone can laugh at are good. I personally like superhero movies. John Wick is also great.

Q: Any closing comments?

A: Pongo is cute. Rabbit Movie Night v3?!?!?!



    HGCE Staff (Recruitment) | CS:GO Moderator (JB & TTT)

  • 690 posts
  • LocationBanned.

I agree, pongo is cute
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Lord Homer Spotted in the Wild


If you have a problem with another admin the same rank as you, you go one rank up. You don't take it into your own hands. The only exception to this rule is if someone named themselves Jonsey and typed "!ban * 0" and tried to ban/kick the entire server.

Thanks to Ryze for the sig!



    Council's Advisory Board

  • 2,522 posts
  • LocationCanada

Great initiative, well done!

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    HGCE Staff (Community Outreach)

  • 151 posts
  • LocationSydney

Is this the real Sit tho?

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    Retired Leadership

  • 3,423 posts
  • LocationSynecdoche, New York


Spoiler: quotes

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You know that feeling when you're taking a shit and you just start screaming?

Thanks to Wabbit and ShadowHuntress (respectively) for the sigs!

Seymour Butz

Seymour Butz

    CS:GO Division Staff | HGCE Staff (Recruitment)

  • 401 posts
  • LocationMiami, Florida

-hg- sit on my lap
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    HG Veteran

  • 741 posts
  • LocationMelb

Maybe interview exite next

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    TF2 Division Staff | HGCE Leader (Community Events)

  • 2,283 posts
  • LocationAurora, IL

exite is next

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    HGCE Staff (Community Events) | CS:GO Mod (JB) | CS:S Mod

  • 673 posts
  • LocationStrelitzia

If Jailbreak brings great people like Sit to the community y'all better know we need this shit poppin
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View PostSeymour Butz, on October 3 2018 - 05:11 PM, said:


View PostPongo, on August 8 2018 - 02:50 PM, said:

+1 good guy good brit good looking good snapchats good friend good autist

View PostvERM, on August 1 2018 - 04:29 PM, said:

Hyperion slayed anyone for a couple rounds that killed a T. He assumed they were all rdm. He is one of the stupidest people if not the most mentally challenged person I have ever made contact with.

View PostSpawnMatrix, on June 12 2018 - 11:42 PM, said:

relax fireside chats are cool now we are gonna have one every single day of every single week of every single month of every single year until we have no more fire. also they are ok here and there most of the time its just a bunch of idiots shit posting or earraping in the channel

View PostJames, on June 17 2018 - 01:34 AM, said:


View PostAgera, on March 13 2018 - 12:36 AM, said:

I mean Chains, Bigjohn , Spawn, Rice all of them play esea and they are above +M



    HG Recruit

  • 520 posts
  • LocationBemidji, Minnesota

Hey I remember helping to get your ass mod :D Hi cutie pie

Oh shit happy 500th post aswell :D

Edited by Jericho, May 27 2018 - 09:55 AM.

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Thanks to ಠ_ಠ for this sig <3

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Thanks Ryze for letting me express my main :)

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Click-> My proudest moment. <-Click



    Recruitment Staff | Moderator (CS:GO TTT & Comp | GMOD ZS)

  • 875 posts

Hey I think we got off on the wrong foot

Edited by Duphin, May 27 2018 - 03:16 PM.

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View Postpickles, on October 22 2017 - 03:34 PM, said:

update to this plz
  • Kannon
  • B-Nye
  • NinjaScopes
  • Duphin nope not cool enough
  • pickles hes so cool and fun

View PostFume Knight, on July 10 2018 - 08:51 AM, said:




    Associate Director of Development (HGDC)

  • 239 posts
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I'm not sure it's legit, you didn't include that he smells.
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Do I win yet?
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    Retired Leadership

  • 566 posts
  • LocationAustralia

Thanks sit is also cute

eXiTe is a hero and deserves to be next
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