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CS:S ZOMBIE Marathon

      Your mission: SURVIVE!

    With determination and courage, you will have to face the hordes of zombies!



Graphics created by Fred.

Host(s): Synnpai & EddieCam

Event Manager: Synnpai


  • Date: Friday, March 1st, 2nd & 3rd 2019
  • Times: 3-day marathon, ends March 3rd.
  • Game Server: [HG] ZombieMod | Unlimited Ammo (
  • Be in the event channel in our Teamspeak server. TS3 IP: hellsgamers.com

How to play:

  • The main goal of the zombie escape map, other than having a good time and a lot of fun, is to escape as a human from the zombies.

Who can play:

  •  Everyone!

Event rules:

  • Connect to the server for a minimum of 2 hours for the badge.

General HG rules:

  • NO cheats, exploits, glitching, or 3rd party tools that give you an unfair advantage over other players.
  • NO ghosting.
  • DO NOT be disrespectful
  • NO sexual harassment of players.
  • DO NOT be racist or use racist terms.
  • NO useless spamming of the mic, text, or radio. That means no songs/soundbites, especially if fellow clan members or players are complaining.
  • NO recruiting or advertising for other clans in here.
  • DO NOT wear the -hg- / [HG] / HG | tag unless you are a part of HG and are assigned that rank.
  • NO name impersonation of anyone.
  • If you are caught trying to crash or lag the server, you will be permanently banned.


  • A badge for all who help populate! (Check event rules on how to get said badge)



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User Feedback

Im definitely  coming to this one! btw Fred, those graphics are AMAZING!

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Everyone who attends will be getting a custom decal of the zombie badge!

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Will need you guys to PM me your address so I can send you your badge decal.

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