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Inactive Now lolol

Automated Event Idea: Five O-clock Frenzy

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People love events and special modifiers that  change up the game every now and then, to offer something unique. It brings people in and keeps them on the server.

So why not make short, up to hour-long mini-events that give people something unique? I was thinking at 5 PM each day, hence the name of the system, but it doesn't have to be at this time.

Basically, at 5 PM, the server automatically picks from a batch of events, and one of them is applied for however long that specific event is allowed.

Here's some ideas:


1. Worthiness: All humans start with 200 worth. Zombies receive a 25% barricade point boost to compensate. (Lasts full hour, can apply on OBJ maps).

2. Fire Sale: All weapons except tier 6 are half-price. Zombies receive a 50% barricade point boost. (Lasts full hour, can apply on OBJ maps).

3. Double Points: All sources of income are doubled. Barricade point rate doubled. (Lasts 30 minutes, can apply on OBJ maps).

4. Triple Points: All sources of income are tripled. Barricade point rate increased by 2.5x. (Lasts 15 minutes, can apply on OBJ maps).

5. Party Popper: All humans get 2 random tier 4+ guns. Zombies are super strong. (Lasts one full map).

6. Team Battle Royale: 2 human teams fight to the death, no respawns. (Lasts one full map, 2 rounds).

7. Doubled Ammo: Buying ammo gives double the bullets. Team Resupplier is permanent. Zombies start with 2000  Barricade Points. (Lasts full hour, can apply on OBJ maps).

8. Stopping Power: Zombies and Humans alike do +50% damage to everything. (Lasts 30 minutes).

9. Co-op: All starting zombies are bots. Bot Zombies increase in number each round by 5. Humans that die will spectate the round, and redeem at the intermission, if any humans are left alive. Can only apply if server population is below 50. (Lasts full hour).

10. Presents!: Bonus Crate earn rate is massively increased. Bonus Crates spawn around the map as presents, just like in the Christmas event. (Lasts full hour).


I think this would be a fun way of spicing up the gameplay, which should mean that people ask for events less, and are more patient for updates. What do you guys think?

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