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[Zombie Survival] Introduction 2.0

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Zombie Survival

This is your introduction into Zombie Survival for Garry's Mod, going over the minimal basics for how the game is played.



Welcome to Zombie Survival, a game mode featured on Garry's Mod that simulates a more simplified survival game. In Zombie Survival, you can build barricades, heal others, kill zombies, or slaughter survivors as zombies. There are limitless ways to play in Zombie Survival, but the objective(s) remain the same. This guide will be regularly updated as improvements are made to the game mode.


How to Play:

There will be 2 teams in Zombie Survival: the Humans and the Zombies, each with their own set objective.

Humans - Every round, there will be at least 6 waves. In order for the humans to win, they must survive all 6 waves. Every new wave lasts longer, poses new threats and challenges to surviving, and becomes increasingly more stressful, all of which makes the objective of survival harder and increases the mortality rate. As humans are killed, they become zombies and join the opposing team to satisfy the opposite goal of survival, making one's own survival the upmost priority. Surviving together against the zombies requires cunning, teamwork, and combined firepower.

Zombies - Humans will attempt to stay alive every wave against the zombies. In order for the zombies to win, all humans must be killed before all waves are completed. Because humans can barricade and defend themselves with weapons, defenses, and various equipment, zombies must use every wave as an opportunity to wither down their strength. As they kill humans, they grow in numbers, and destroying the humans requires overwhelming them to death. Killing the humans requires strategy, persistence, and relentless onslaught.


Playing the Round:

Every game is played in rounds, with a maximum of 2 rounds that can be played before the next map is called for. Each round consists of 3 phases: the Warm-Up Phase, the Starting Phase, and the Wave Phase.

Warm-Up Phase

On starting the round, everyone will spawn as a human and have a 1-minute warm-up. During this time, players can move about freely and do what they want. Dying during this phase will have you respawn as a human.

Starting Phase

Once the warm-up phase ends, the starting phase begins. During this phase, a 3-minute timer will countdown before the first wave of the round officially begins, and players will be able to move about freely and do what they want. While the countdown is active, a selection factor will be picked at random from a list of 5 factors that determines your chances of becoming a zombie on Wave 1.

  • Random Selection: players are chosen at random to be zombies.
  • Focal Point: players close to a placed point on the map will be zombies.
  • Spawn Proximity: players close to any zombie spawn on the map will be zombies.
  • Ground Zero: players closest to ground level on the map will be zombies.

When the timer hits 20 seconds, the players turning into zombies will appear on a roster at the bottom of their screens. If you are selected, your name will appear in red. At 10 seconds, your distance from the selection factor will be shown in the center of your screen. The distance you are from the selection factor will determine your chance of becoming a zombie or not from all the other players, which is based on the selection factor.

  • Random Selection - distance excluded.
  • Focal Point, Spawn Proximity, Ground Zero - large distance = greater chance of becoming a zombie, vice versa.

Players can also become a zombie by dying from any means or permanently volunteering as one.

Wave Phase

Once the timer hits 0, Wave 1 officially begins, and so does the round. During this time, zombies will spawn and both teams will work to fulfill their respective objectives. Humans that die will become zombies and play to satisfy the opposite goal of survival.

Most maps will have up to 6 waves, with some having up to 7. Every new wave lasts about 30-45+ seconds longer than the previous wave time, while also unlocking new zombies for use against the humans. This phase can end in two ways:

  • Wave 6+ is completed, resulting in a human victory
  • all humans are killed before Wave 6 is completed, resulting in a zombie victory.

Once the winning team is determined, the round officially ends and players can vote for the next map they want to play.

Edited by Snowyamur
Removed Sky Rise selection factor; edited some text color n' info.
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Thanks for the explanation but it is 6 waves at least not at most some maps have 7 waves.

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