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HGCE Management Hierarchy


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HeLLsGamers Community Engagement Hierarchy

All teams displayed below can be applied for right here! Leadership members from other communities can become HGCE Ambassadors here too.

Each independent team has its own unique responsibilities. If you are interested in a team, consider reading about all the teams before applying.


Executive Directors of External Affairs
Executive Directors oversee the complete branch of HeLLsGamers Community Engagement, can organize CE Meetings, and mentor HGCE Directors in their day-to-day work. They're also responsible for overseeing the general direction of the HGCE branch.
This rank has Primary, Lead, and Senior positions.

Alienware STEAM_0:1:13542722 (Lead Executive Director)
brgr.STEAM_0:1:99157377 (Primary Executive Director)

Directors of Community Engagement
Directors of HGCE are responsible for maintaining optimal efficiency and supervising all CE-related inquiries, operate on a bi-daily basis with CE team leaders, and partnered-community ambassadors. This position is also tasked with communicating with other community leaders and mediating official sponsorships for advancements of the HeLLsGamers public figure and its opportunities.
This rank has Associate, Primary, Lead, and Senior positions.

EricSTEAM_0:0:69171167 (Primary Director)
ScorchSTEAM_0:1:511539998 (Associate Director)

Leaders of Community Engagement
HGCE Leaders are in charge of their respective HGCE teams. They are responsible for bringing forth new changes within a team & working closely with HGCE CB+ & HGCE Mentors. All HGCE Teams can have two team leaders. Teams without leaders are substituted by HGCE Mentors.


Mentors of Community Engagement
Mentors are responsible for maintaining HGCE Staff and providing assistance through their leadership journeys. They operate on a daily basis and can be seen as Associate Team Leads.



Community Events Staff
Creating, approving of, organizing, coordinating, and executing all community events and drives with the event hosts.

EddieCam STEAM_0:1:55941407


Social Media Team
Responsible for posting monthly newsletters, creating HG merch, posting and managing our YouTube account, streaming or helping said streamer on our HG Twitch, and advertising all types of content on our social media.

AllmyhomieshateEmmaSTEAM_0:1:545142553 (Social Media Manager)
EddieCam STEAM_0:1:55941407 (Merchandise)

Prtyboy76 | STEAM_IDK (Rust)
Suburban | STEAM_0:0:552656110 (YouTube)

Graphic Designers
Supplies HG with event GFX and all types of other professional graphics.

EddieCam STEAM_0:1:55941407
Imperial KnightSTEAM_0:1:59652234



Community Partnerships Staff
Maintain the face of HG. They build relationships with outside gaming communities & manage our ambassadors. They're responsible for keeping everything happening between the communities like cross-community events, drama, and new agreements/deals.

Eton145 STEAM_0:0:45118961

Partnered Community Representatives

Representatives from outside communities who act as a direct line of communication for inter-clan relations and affirming cross-community events.  Ambassadors may optionally join HG as well (double clanning).

Architect of LifeSTEAM_0:1:42650908 (EdgeGamers Organization)
Jabba the SlutSTEAM_0:0:67243880 (After Hours Gaming)
PyrosSTEAM_0:0:44030908 (Games For Life)


HGCE Leadership Application Form

HGCE Ambassador Application Form

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