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    >>> Random Zombie Perks that i pulled out of my ass <<< 1. Blast Cap (8000 BP) - Increases the blast radius of Chem Zombies, Zombine Nade, and Bonemesh Gas Balls' by either 10% or 15%~ 2. Bomb Training (6000 BP) - Hitting an explosive (C4, Claymores, and/or SLAM Mines) will have a 40% chance of defusing resulting a cease of explosion (cuz bosses today are scared of a shit-load of C4s in one room) 3. Mirror Shield (25000 BP) - Rack up additional damage by tanking bullets; each damage taken is calculated by this: Every 22 Damage = 1% MP40 does 37 per bullet so that equals to 1.68% The maximum limit is 40% So the outcome is if a Nightmare manage to rack up the maximum additional damage of 40% + 1.37% avg. difficulty when both supplies were down, the next hit results in 274 (hence the high price tag) Mirror Shield resets every time you hit something, no matter if it's a barricade, a loose prop, a human, a wall, or even your fellow zombie friends. 4. Fighting Spirit (1000 BP) - Receive extra seconds of Howler's Buff 5. Thicker Skin (12000 BP) - Reduces the bullet penetration by 15% when being hit first (Makes Shades and Bloated an even better bullet shields) comment if it's good or bad idc HG is never gunna add these
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    Cool! I'm actually starting to play the game again as of lately, but I didn't know about this. Thanks for the info.
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    Update 1/16/2019 Added Compound Z trait Weapons now play a proper holster animation Use the holster animation when picking up props Fixed a few issues with inspect and reloading Fixed traits not properly updating clientside values Added ulx givestatus Attempt to speed up world model drawing slightly Made the Boomstick use the original firesound Ghoul Touch trait will now give a proper status effect Added effects for a few bonus items Added Invincibility Star epic bonus Make GLMVS use the threshold cvar Made Quad Damage less loud Added first time deploy animation support Fixed up the inspect system to allow for ACT_VM_FIDGET Fixed deploy time on Medic AR/Pistol and Scar being super long Buffed the Swift Sniper Rifle Attempt to fix sniper rifles having aweful hit detection Fixed Tau Cannon having mixed up Cone settings Infinite ammo now works on the Tau Cannon Added new Arsenal Crate model Added OnDestroyed for deployables Added Neuro-Fiber Armor trait Added Long Fall Boots Fixed dual deagles not having the penetration of the regular deagle Added Fighting Spirit, Bomb Training, Blast Cap Changed Devourer rope to a hydra coord Buffed the Doomcrabs jump Made poison spit darker green Increased the damage and effectiveness of bloat projectiles Changed Chem Zombie name to Burster Buffed the Spitter Zombie Made the Chem Zombie effect a darker green Made alot of boss zombies ignore the leg slowdown Made the Swamp Legion icon green Made a few bosses ignore specific damage Shade no longer takes damage from the legs Moved Shadow Shade to wave 3 Moved Frost Shade to wave 3 Removed arm and stomach damage scaling for bullets Added partial LUA refresh compatibility Nerfed the fire headcrabs fire to only last 1 second on players Allow variants to define sub-variants and there own translations Added Starved Zombie, Putrid Ghoul, Molted Headcrab, Skittish Headcrab, Apparition, and Bullsquid Ghouls besides the Putrid Ghoul will no longer eject poison flesh when taking damage Buffed the aura radius of the Swift Slug Rifle now does a base 800 damage on headshot Reduced the fire interval for fire headcrabs Medic weapons are no longer affected by Berserker Fixed Keyboard Warrior Fixed error with Veteran Speed up a few things Prevent phantom bullets Sounds on a few weapons now get played properly Restored Devourer and Nightmare slowdown Nightmare now causes a status effect on hit Nerfed Tickle Nightmare damage and make his hits give a few status affects to assist in killing the player Added Kevlar Vest worth item Added Thicker Skin zombie trait Reduced the Tough Skin traits cost to 6000 Allow reserve slots to increase the max visible slots Fixed error caused by the team battelgrounds event Changed the Nerf model to a Skeleton Reduced the time it takes to pounce for the Nerf Nerfed the shade rock Improved mapvote UI Minor bot AI adjustment Optimized zombie melee trace Optimized bullets slightly Speed up the invisibility check Do not allow weapon switching when holding something Invisible players no longer mess up zombie spawns Optimized movement slightly Moving backwards with melee weapons no longer cuts your speed in half Restrict the Tau and Raygun from Berserker
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    Alright, Alright @Snowyamur Blast Cap - Yeah let's settle for 10%, i wrote that before i saw the up the update that the thing was reduced, so i'll probably lowered it for around 3000 BP Bomb Training - You have to hit the C4s or SLAM or Claymores to activate the perk, if it was a succesful defuse, there would be no explosion (you gotta hit em, walking upon them still kill ya). 20% Chance of defusing is reasonable and won't hurt much to C4 Spammers Mirror Shield - So first the price i don't know but i'll lower it to 15000 BP. Next, Yes they reset also upon death due to the fact i can foresee that this would be exploited. So the calculations i think they would code like 0.20% per 30 Damage for the slow build up or what not... Fighting Spirit - 3 Seconds at best Thicker Skin - i might lower it right around 3500 BP if that's okay with you. Hmm you bring a good point about the first hit thing, i think we could settle with mirror shield like 0.80% per 30 damage, the reason being i want Bloated/Poison zombie reach the 15% Anti-penetration base on lower HP lemme know if there are more concerns so i can rework it
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    New mods incoming, new weapons, ceiling fan still whoring his skinny legs out for points
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    Pho, if its obj countrytrain, just forget it. You have to collect 5 suitcases to activate train. and if someone put the suitcases in to train before it comes to a full stop, it vanishes and the map breaks. You can also just throw the suitcases out of the map.
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    Also, for anyone who wants to interview me for Moderator in tf2, I’m going to be mostly offline today and Friday.
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