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    New Version Suggestions & Ideas As we're pushing forward with the development of the new HG Bans, we would like to take some feedback and suggestions for the new version to see what changes everyone would like to see, members and leadership alike. As of now we're currently looking into the following ideas we have came up with: Ability to create web bans that specify a division Permanent fix to the drag and drop uploader Improved interface for bans, modifying bans, etc. Potential notification system for divisional leadership where a notification is sent when a ban for their division is pending review System for assigning bans to leadership for review (i.e. claiming a ban for review, assigning to a higher up, etc.) New ban state called "Appealed" which indicates an inactive ban due to an approved appeal. This helps separate invalid disapproved bans from appealed bans at glance. Feel free to reply here to bring up or discuss any ideas you might have. If your suggestion contains any trusted information that is leadership-only, feel free to send me a PM.
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    Mostly a simple option for players to tick on or off. An option to disable player zombies to spawn on other player zombies. (Example) Let's say YOU a bro Zombie was exploring the map for shits and giggles and out of nowhere you got player zombies spawning on you. Well shit, you just ruin a good steady flow of DPS for players. So now you go to options>Zombies>Allow players to spawn on you y/n. And bam your out of the cycle for new players or old vets to spawn on. Only works on zombies only and only works on player spawn. Ghoul spawns remain untouched
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    Not a meme post. Arguments I've heard is that jug is "fun" and that it gives someone a reason to want to be the last human alive. I believe it leads to far more unfun gameplay than otherwise and heres why; "You should be rewarded for being last alive" : Humans already receive bonus points for being the last one alive. For the chance of being jugg players will actively do things that harm the team. From making skycades inside of cades and not participating in shooting the zombies or healing teammates and wasting props. Generally more skilled players will start as a zombie so that they can redeem when the cade falls thus having a greater chance of being jugg which leads to quick map losses as all the good players are playing on the zombie side from the start, though I know some like to zmain I know jugg is always in their head. When a jug does trigger we now have typically 50-70 zombie players that have to run around the map being spawn killed in a 50m raidus from the jug rocket. This is a scenario where one player (the jug) is having a good time kicking ass and 70 players (the zombies) are spawn kill fodder for minutes. The combination of the jugs high health, and the rpg make him a frustration, and keep in mind it is frustrating to the 70 zombie players that just want to get to the next map or replay the current one. My argument TLDR: Jug promotes a negative playstyle even before one spawns in as a jug, jug is very frustrating to take down with his rpg 1 shot kill with massive splash and his high health pool. It leads to one person having a good time and 60-70 people having a shit time getting spawn camped. My Ideas for solutions are as follows: Remove jug from the game Put jug into a bonus crate similiar to the dark knight, paladin, etc with timed life Reduce the amount of RPG rockets jug has to 5 total, change minigun clipsize from 150-500 Change the jug reward from last human to best zombie Change jug reward from last human to a random zombie Thank you for reading and I would appreciate a discussion and to know if I’m the only one who feels this way. -Evan
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    Currently looking for more people to join the events team. If you're interested, check out this post: https://hellsgamers.com/forums/topic/137339-interested-in-joining-the-events-team/
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    Unbanned but on thin ice.
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    Congrats on your promotion to HG Member!
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    Well over this time I realized it is not fun to troll. It is not fun for the people who are affected and as well as me. I didn't think about who it could hurt back then but now I realize I am sincerely sorry for what I have done to affect anyone. If I get unbanned I will not get into any trouble and abide by the rules. The racism part of me was not fun either, I was just doing it to mess around but I realized how it was making me a horrible person and how it affected the other people, I am sorry about that as well. I hope u can consider unbanning me but if u choose not to I can completely understand.
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    Sounds good! Could be similar to how you can disable automatic redeeming and the Headcrab(s) on your Zombie model.
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    @Silly if they ended up doing that they would probably make it to where you can select the division before posting the web ban. I'm sure anything unrelated would be like an 'other' option.
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    Well if the bans are seperated by division, does that mean they would just be categorized seperately or web bans would be eliminated? My honest thoughts on it are web bans are important, and if you get banned on one server you should be banned from the rest. However, it doesn't have to be that way considering it only takes a few seconds to ban someone universally if it does become more of an issue. If this change were to happen, it's going to be a little bit more challenging to determine grey-areas ie; if a person gets banned for Malicious activity (DDoS threats, hacking) then obviously it would be a permanent web ban, but if it's harrassing players, spamming, general toxicity should it be just one server still? Lots of things to take into considerations here, though I do think it's a great idea and should be followed up with.
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    All of the ideas that are currently on the table are awesome and would love to see them implemented! And yes I would love to also see a new modern look as well. I will have some suggestions/input but have to think about it for a bit.
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    This might be something obvious but im going to say it to get it out there. A new, modern look!!!!
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    @TheDarkDevilRo3 That's why I haven't been designing specifics until I know how you guys think of this idea. It's going to be a rocky start for this idea at first, and I can see the high chances of things becoming overpowered against the zombies, but that's why we have @Lady Luck's designed skill tree above in this thread, alongside me trying to work towards balancing out the traits that would end up as part of this idea. Also, you're assuming things that aren't there yet. Yes, I did mention that in the Combat Tree, overall damage would be improved across the board, but that damage increase might be minimal and in the form of another stat, like attack speed or clip size. Instead of improving the base damage, I would instead improve the DPS because that way, a low-tier weapon wouldn't turn into a one-hit-kill weapon, and that's my overall goal with these skills. Another thing is that T6 weapons have a restriction. You've been on our server long enough to know that T6 is only unlocked when the last 5 - 10% of humans remain alive in a round, and sometimes by the time zombies breach a cade, that number is reached, but there's no cade left to hide in, so all humans end up being dead. @Kritzinho This is practically the same thing I designed, but this system sounds similar to how Fallout 4 handles its perk system, in which the player levels up, they get a skill point, and they can allocate that point into any tree of their choice. One problem I would have with this is how much control the player would have over what traits of which tree they wish to invest in. If you go by a system whereby investing X trait points will result in you getting a trait automatically, with trait selection out of the player's control, then that's where control is bad. But, if you make it where the trait can be enabled or disabled before Wave 1 actually starts, and players can allocate trait points into a tree to unlock the traits for use, then it would play out similar to how traits currently work in-game, and this would be a great take on perk control, and I will include that in the write-up. One thing I like about this idea is having trait slots to limit how many traits a player can have, and that is something I didn't think about and will consider when thinking more on this idea. This will certainly limit which traits a player can have in any of the three trees I mentioned, and this could be the balancing factor for the idea, but I have yet to figure out what could be done about this. To be honest, my idea is crunched into three general trees; yours is crunched into six, so in actuality, your idea is slightly more complicated than mine, but includes components that aid with the "balancing factor" of my idea. I could make it where under my three general skill trees, there are branches with traits that fall under that branch, and if any of those branches are invested in, the others become locked, for balancing reasons.
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    I like the type of bonemeshes that just stand there while I unload my entire clip right into their faces without flinching.
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    Monday, 7 June 2000 Damn Richie is eating all the meat rations, his starving all of us. We've gathered some survivors and the damn radio won't work! Now, I'm starting to think that the government betrayed us. Me and the team have been seeing some sort of portals opening up and when we approach it, just disappeared. Probably, the poisoned rations by the government. Pvt. James Alders 8 June, 2000 Roasterrock's team ecountered something strange, they discover a man walking sightly weirdly. They confront the man but discover... that his face was like as white as snow, the jaws were wide open and his stomache was clawed, the men were horrified and quickly opened fire on what they saw. The men stared at each other horrified and paranoid, James tells the men that it must be some sort of prank. One of the men tells him, "That's not an alien, that's not some sort of animal, that's a person!" The men calmed down and agreed to never speak of this moment again. 10 June, 2000 Roasterrock notices a strange behaviour of Private. Richie Morris. He was beginning to have frequent diarrhea, he always has some sort of pain in the head and has slowness. Roasterrock just brushed it off as just food poisoning. 13 June, 2000 Richie's condition is getting worst and is getting more frequent, a huge slew of drugs, pills and medicines were fed to Richie but had no effect. 14 June, 2000 While on a patrol, Richie and Litz were patrolling in the streets. Suddenly, Richie fell unconscious. He was dragged to the base where he began to mutate. Richie infected 2 soldiers and in return, the soldiers mutated quickly in about 4 minutes. Richie and the 2 soldiers are killed and are buried in a unspecified grave. 16 June, 2000 The radio is working again and the men called the rescue, and were promised by the United Nations that help will be coming, James is still distrustful of the United Nations. On 11:42 PM, the men heads to the instructed helipad and waited for the helicopter. It came but... Pvt. James killed the pilot and injured 5 of the soldiers, leaving the men stranded in a land of zombies...
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