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HG Divisional Discords Released!

Admiral MacK By Admiral MacK, in HG News, , 1 comment, 2320 views

All of our Divisions have their own official Discord Servers! Check 'em out!

After much time, consideration, and discussion, HG is confidently expanding further on community-wide communication and engagement advancements. Combine and myself have put hours of work into completely developing, designing, and finalizing new Divisional Discords for CS:GO, CS:S, and TF2 Divisions. 


Invite Links

Counter-Strike: Global Offensehttps://discord.gg/eNgPQyq

Counter-Strike: Sourcehttps://discord.gg/v5vS4Rp

Team Fortress 2https://discord.gg/BtqwZkJ


What's in each server

  • All newly released servers have the same structure layout for ease of use when switching back and forth
    • All servers have public & private voice channels
  • Each server only displays its respective Divisional Leadership
    • This prevents unwanted pings for the leadership of other divisions and keeps the hierarchy list smaller
  • Each server has its own announcement channel for divisional announcements from its leadership
  • The "INFO" category in each server provides quick links to its respective forums, abuse report forums, ban pages, and more helpful info
  • Check them out for more!


Before joining

We strongly recommend reading over the Rules & Guidelines before using any channels. The rules are the same for all servers and are displayed in each.
Note: HeLLsGamers Community Guidelines are also live on the servers.

1. Please be respectful to all members of this Discord. Any issues should be brought up to a Division Staff or above.
2. Racism or the use of discriminatory language is prohibited in all channels and is not tolerated.
3. Advertisement of other websites, NSFW links, communities/groups, and discord servers is prohibited.
4. Discussion of illegal activities for games (hacked clients, aim assist, and any other unfair game-play-altering software or addons) is prohibited.
5. Mass @ pings for a role or member may result in a loss of chat permissions or kick/ban from the server.
6. We recommend that your server nickname is relatively the same as your Steam or HG Forum name for us to easily identify you.
7. HG Recruits+ are required to have their server nickname identical to their forum name.
8. To get tags you must have a Steam account linked to your forum account. Once completed, ask for tags in #helpdesk
9. Abusing exploits in this discord will result in a ban or removal of permissions.
10. Any content in the #anime channel that is outside legal parameters will result in a ban or removal of chat permissions.


Our Other Discords

Main HG Discordhttps://discord.gg/2ue8EJM

Garry's Mod / Zombie Survivalhttps://discord.gg/CRaMUJm


I would like to personally thank Homer for his involvement in this new stepping stone in HG's future. I was very glad to have the chance to complete this and alongside my very helpful assistant on the project, Combine

Edited by Admiral MacK


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