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Anyone else has an Instagram here? If so, you should post your username or post a link to your Instagram profile.

Here's mine:

I like to steal memes, post pictures of random stuff, but I hardly use it.

Please don't post anything else other than your Instagram username/profile link.

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Here is my profile. I only have 1 picture of myself (technically 2, since I have myself on my profile pic aswell). The rest are pictures from my previous vacations and my hometown :) However, I decided not to include my Steam and HG alias on it, so I don't know how long any of you cuties will remember that that is me :)


EDIT: You can remember me by my ultimate Slav suka blyat name yes :D

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Nice thread. My IG is if you want to check it out.
I would be glad to see some more followers there because this account helps me get more orders. I have ordered some more IG views from 1394TA, but I still have to look for new customers. It is always worth it since the more people see your account, the more orders you will get. More orders mean more income, and more income means that the business says alive.
So, if you are interested in what I do, you are welcome to follow me and maybe even buy something! Thanks!

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