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Updated 2019/9/11 Full Crafting Guide With Images

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First of all, I do want to clarify that there are probably already multiple guides created on this topic, but as I looked through some of them, few actually contain pictures and a clear explanation of what the weapon/prop created does. So, here is an extremely real gamer no scam no lie free v-bucks explanation of how the crafting system works in HellsGamers!

(I've borrowed 2 images from an older guide on steam, here if you want to check that one out: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=400231875) [Thx Snow]

______________________________________________________________________________Meele Weapons / Tools

  • SawHack Weapon: Wooden Axe + Saw Blade 
  • This weapon is less commonly used, as there are better weapons to use such as the Zewihandler and the Katana, which both does more damage and has more range than the Sawhack.

You must login to view images./monthly_2019_03/Screenshot_2.png.dd12db83ec862a5612f5264859e393d7.png" style="width:300px;height:75px;" /> +Screenshot_1.png.e39ca62d1195ed7f054742fb187099ed.png Screenshot_3.png.4c15944c04ffaac5b6181b6c04b70167.png

  • Dual Saw-Blade: SawHack + Saw Blade 
  • This weapon is commonly crafted and used by Berserker mains, it deals great damage and can be swung at an incredible rate with the boost of the berserker trait.

Screenshot_3.png.4c15944c04ffaac5b6181b6c04b70167.png +Screenshot_1.png.e39ca62d1195ed7f054742fb187099ed.pngScreenshot_4.png.459176e961383731df91a9ab1d6a8d00.png

  • The Megamasher: Explosive Barrel + Sledgehammer 
  • Less commonly crafted and used, but is a very strong weapon that can knock zombies back away from the cade and deals good damage.

Screenshot_5.png.2f51b01e7dd12684e4e6c427dca821bb.png +Screenshot_6.png.5210f4087ea77d96fd02614ab4419efa.png =Screenshot_7.png.0011a62ffbc6e473a3dac9526f7d677b.png

  • The Electro Hammer: Battery + Carpenters Hammer 
  • A superior version of the Carpenters Hammer that repairs more health to props, although not many people craft this tool as it can be bought from a supply crate, and also why would you waste a battery on this?

Screenshot_8.png.774b6d5dc414eff0d108722213041557.png +Screenshot_11.png.ab15c546fcd76e57c395061466de02c5.png =Screenshot_9.thumb.png.b2a0ef2ab703ac3f06fa565b9714c8dd.png

  • The Bust-On-A-Stick: Plank + American Statue Looking Thing that is Nowhere to be Found Anymore
  • Another melee weapon that has mediocre damage, range, and attack rate, don't bother crafting this.

Screenshot_10.png.981a0909889da3fca525c5b5fc696320.png +Screenshot_12.png.c614d8e0b4ba67d5d686b9e37b4ddcbb.png Screenshot_13.thumb.png.02818e5819638ee98ddaf9a1e61b603e.png


  • Explosive Barrel = Canister + Barrel
  • This prop can be used to craft the Megamasher, pretty useful.

Screenshot_15.png.e0ee3956c10f2ac4c83f689d6963893e.png Screenshot_14.png.240232cc303f092911ac0a1a3d24e3a7.png Screenshot_5.png.2f51b01e7dd12684e4e6c427dca821bb.png

  • Bigger Wooden Box = Small Wooden Box + Small Wooden Box
  • I guess you can use this to make a better cade? no wait yea this is useless.

 Screenshot_16.png.e570e9749e2bcad69dfd766f568da5c7.png Screenshot_16.png.e570e9749e2bcad69dfd766f568da5c7.png Screenshot_17.png.92ac0405dd4f25f91256dfdabea65eee.png


  • Dual Sprayer UZI = Sprayer' UZI + Sprayer' UZI
  • A reliable dual wielded weapon that contains 80 bullets, it has a fast reload speed with high firerate and mediocre damage, certainly burns through ammo, but is definitely a weapon worth trying out. (Note: you can also get this weapon by redeeming.)

Screenshot_25.png.ece97508777bab15429169f226efdb10.png Screenshot_25.png.ece97508777bab15429169f226efdb10.png Screenshot_26.png.76ad3e32bd128839905255b742868fdd.png

  • Photon' Laser Crossbow = Impaler' Crossbow + Battery
  • Certainly one of the best guns you can craft with a battery, this weapon shreds through groups of zombies like a real champ in a damp, although its ammo is expensive, you can impale a total of 20+ zombies at once which can give you an damage output of 3000+ with a single crossbow bolt if the shot is timed and positioned correctly.

Screenshot_27.png.fb907c1c3913cbcaa47e03bf6fef19e2.png   Screenshot_11.png.ab15c546fcd76e57c395061466de02c5.png  Screenshot_28.png.ffbff653d0d4a423c9ed7372fa39eeee.png

  • Protheium Magnum = Ricochet' Magnum + Battery
  • One of the most commonly crafted weapons in the first wave, it deals good damage, has an extremely high accuracy which means that if you put your crosshair on your target, your shot will not miss.

Screenshot_29.png.697af9896fbc59b97d154414c4cd472f.png   Screenshot_11.png.ab15c546fcd76e57c395061466de02c5.png   Screenshot_30.png.38eebf355813a6a66c15492aa89207a1.png(Shitty photoshop, looks close enough)


  • Redeemers Dual Handgun = Peashooter + Peashooter
  • A weapon you will most likely receive when you redeem, but you can actually craft it, if you did not know that. This weapon is mediocre at best, do not bother crafting this weapon as it is a pain in the ass to find two peashooters.(Even if you waste worth menu points to buy one.)

Screenshot_31.png.c257d5bc433d40b238967711640905c0.png  Screenshot_31.png.c257d5bc433d40b238967711640905c0.png  Screenshot_32.png.ade635e1a659c25646dc5f69310eb358.png

  • Wicked' Boomstick = Boomstick + Battery
  • At last, we have the wicked boomstick, a great weapon for dealing high damage to bosses, but requires 6 shells put in at once to maximize its power. Overall, its a great weapon and definitely worth crafting if you still have your battery by Wave 3 intermission.

Screenshot_33.png.9bb96b197690ce5a43315b399ba3e64d.png  Screenshot_11.png.ab15c546fcd76e57c395061466de02c5.png Screenshot_34.png.986c198227b7c16b9989fe5d8f3d05b4.png(shitty photoshop again don't judge)


  • Obliterator Mingun = Hurricane Machine Gun + Grim Reaper Machine Gun
  • A quite expensive heavy weapon to make, but it deals massive damage to the undead and can wipe a horde of zombies in a matter of seconds.Screenshot_7.png.f1700e0aa6c6442db6e97df862c63e22.png  Screenshot_8.png.8c8634f29b875b03e7e5123ea66789d6.png  Screenshot_6.png.c358509a815fd79ebbd84f4f9209e8de.png


  • Precision Railgun = Gluon Laser Beam + Photon Crossbow
  • Again a very expensive weapon to make, but it does have its benefits, with its ability to one shot over 50% of the zombies classes and basically unlimited penetration, this weapon can be extremely deadly in some situations.

Screenshot_10.png.8f846f5eb073d86c419bcdc577294afb.png  Screenshot_9.png.1d528567b630bb2861967d8cee303d22.png  Screenshot_5.png.715bec96ee2d7b8c31af7412e3c2c3ed.png_________________________________________________________

That completes my NEW COMPLETED crafting guide, thanks to those who reminded me to update this, and thanks to @Talbot for providing me with the ingame items, sure saved me a lot of time.

Edited by Uni
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At least your guide has more images to visually see the combination process @Univerous, so that's a plus there, unlike the one above where Boxsnake just went all textual information so that it's hard to grasp what he's saying. New players would definitely understand this better.

Also, I'm currently under the impression that you read another person's guide regarding the same topic that's available on Steam, which is how you knew all these combinations, unless someone told you or you've been playing this game long enough to know. This is not me doubting what you know; this is me telling you that there is a guide similar to this one with more images, albeit some combinations are missing.

I'd suggest crediting them to help your own credibility with this guide -> Zombie Survival Craftable Items by C0n

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@Uni, please add minigun crafting 

Hurricaine + Grim = Minigun

you can use this for personal comments if you havn't used it yet :)

Do remember that craftible mingun is different from max threat and Jug minigun

Edited by welchnome
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@Uni add quantam hammer(electrohammer+battery)

that one upgraded butcher knife for humans(butcher Knife+battery)

drum mag version of ender(barrel+ender)

upgraded glock(nobody wants to tell how to craft :( )


Remove minigun and railgun craft(never coming back)

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