CS:GO Needs A Division Leader

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With all due respect, I think you're underestimating how hard it is to repopulate the server. You may have been DL at its prime, but I was there most of the times we tried to repopulate the server. You see another side to server population when there's no foundation of players who don't feel obligated to play. At one point, I was on the ground inviting 30+ people a day to the server for like 3 weeks, but after a while, people started to lose hope. 

How would you approach it differently?

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Jb is dead there’s not gonna be a revival. It’s been tried many many times when Spawn was dL, when I was dL any time and it hasn’t worked. We just don’t have the player base that we used to have or the developers. It’s time to expand into other stuff like casual servers, 1v1 etc 

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24 minutes ago, EddieCam said:

I have many ideas that I know would bring CSGO back to life. It would take people to all be on the same page on getting things done. Several things would need to happen from the top all the way down. IMO

Image result for no no you're still holding on

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On 9/18/2019 at 8:28 PM, The Peacemaker said:


That was a good laugh. I hope you're trolling. JB would be an uphill battle to repopulate


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