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All Nighter School "lock - In"

Posted by Monk in Monk's Blog, 21 September 2013 · 549 views

Stayed at school all night. Tired as shit. Went purely cause my "friends" were going.

This is what you expect from a night like this:

Your best friend will make out with the girl you like, who also happens to be a very good friend.
No one will stop talking about the above fact.
A freshman will step on your laptop, snapping your...


A Simple Pack Of Cards

Posted by Slophole in Slophole's Blog, 27 July 2013 · 603 views

I knew this before, but Stephen fry said it best.

"Take a deck of cards and shuffle it.

That pack of cards, believe it or not, has never before, in the history of our planet, been in that order.


It's a simple mathematical fact.  The order of cards is a gigantic number... It's a number that is...



Posted by Rainbow Warrior in Hearing silence~, 30 March 2013 · 583 views

An interesting concept (philosophy) that I've been thinking and reading about recently is nihilism. It presents a pretty cynical view at times but does raise many valid points about this world.
We all "exist" in this world. Yet... for what reason?
Theists attribute our existence to a higher 'God' and thus our purpose is to please this...


More Music Yaaaaaay!

Posted by dolanannnnn in Dolan's Music & Interesting Stuff Blog!, 15 December 2012 · 649 views

I'd like to thank GoldenRuski for introducing me to this song, it is fucking awesome (songname-artistname)


Does The Universe Have A Purpose?

Posted by I Love Lamp in What are we?, 09 December 2012 · 612 views



Just A Question

Posted by Sofa KIng in Sofa KIng's Blog, 29 November 2012 · 644 views

how long does someone have o be a part of HG before they can be veteran status??


Doom Livestream

Posted by Rekjii in The Fancy Blog, 24 November 2012 · 564 views

I was thinking that once my new headset arrives i might do a classic doom live stream if anyone would like to see this tell me below


A Remix

Posted by Nevodka in listen k, 14 November 2012 · 592 views

Listen on Soundcloud.com

also http://www.indabamus...missions/143084 just sayin


What do i do!

Posted by MasterBaiter in Blog 11546, 08 November 2012 · 618 views

So me and this girl went out like 10 months ago. We were together for like 6-7 months and then we broke up. Last week we started talking again and well i want to date her again. Couple days later I find out my buddy is dating her. She dose not want to break up with him because he really likes her. She wants to go out with me and i want to go out with her. I...


Halloween story I know its late

Posted by GodFather in Blog 13862, 06 November 2012 · 566 views

During halloween night me and my friends were going trick or treating and I was trying to ask out one of her friends (who has a nice rack) so the whole night my friends helped me with her but she was on her period so she was bitchy the whole night. So after we went trick or treating we had to walk to her aunt's house because they were celebrating her...


Halo 4 vs. Logic

Posted by Mr.Tin in Blog 8589, 06 November 2012 · 568 views

I think everyone is asking themselves this but I have to make a blog about it: Do I skip Logic and play Halo 4 or do I go to Logic and lose valuable play time.


Zacain - STEAM ID 1:31975867 - Blatant Aimbot Shaking Crosshair

Posted by Green Slime in Cheaters/Hackers List, 06 November 2012 · 571 views


Zacain - STEAM ID 1:31975867 - Blatant Aimbot Shaking Crosshair


[ATTACH]7675 [ATTACH]7676 [ATTACH]7677 [ATTACH]7678


lan party.

Posted by Atomicnapalm in Blog 11200, 04 November 2012 · 541 views

Had a lan party last night with four friends in my garage. Twas bitchen.


Jude Law and a semester abroad <3

Posted by Kimzy in Blog 8301, 30 October 2012 · 544 views

So tell all the English boys you meet, about the American boy back in the states.
The American boy you used to date.
Who would do anything you say.



Gangnam Style

Posted by jajolt in Blog 12369, 29 October 2012 · 528 views

So, I was in a music class today and we got to do these warm up things, and today we did gangnam style-- the whole thing lol


scarry movies

Posted by MonsterCrew in Blog 14610, 26 October 2012 · 516 views

Watching insideous and its scarry


New Computer

Posted by sbpr0 in Blog 7219, 24 October 2012 · 525 views

Just got my new computer today. It runs amazing. Better than I thought it would. I'm very happy with it. Only thing is my graphics on cs:s aren't working properly... don't know whats going on.


jailbreak admin runs out today! :(

Posted by Silly Brian in Blog 13507, 24 October 2012 · 531 views

my jb admin ran out today and i dont have money to renew it :*(


How about them giants?!

Posted by Sofa KIng in Blog 7912, 23 October 2012 · 252 views

Haha I'm kidding, has anyone else's facbookmbeen dominated with giants statuses?! Just another bandwagon here in California.

Anyways sports predictions:
Super Bowl: texans vs falcons *(or any team that's not the raider)
World Series: tigers!
Anyone agree? :)

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