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The new site makeover.

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As you all have surely noticed, HeLLsGamers got a nice cosmetic upgrade. However, we are still learning the aspects to the new vBulletin, so expect a few errors here and there. If there is anything out of place or otherwise not working, respond here. Any other replies beyond a bug report will be deleted, so we can keep track of what needs fixing.
Things we are aware of:
Internet Explorer 7 displaying the top left logo oddly - FIXED
T-List mySQL error - FIXED
Contact us Button on top bar leads nowhere - FIXED
Digg button broken - FIXED
Thread prefix tool for moderators missing - FIXED

HeLLsGamers V5 is here!

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Welcome to the NEW HeLLsGamers website Version 5
Utilizing the newest vBulletin 4 Suite.
Improved News system w/ comments.
Improved speed and optimizations.
New Blog system.
Updated HeLLsGamers style.
And much more..
Content pages such as Clan History, Clan Structure, Clan Roster are being worked on.
If you find any issues with the site please PM Homer.
Thank you to all the HG Members and Supporters,
more to come..

[HG] Dust2 Deathmatch Ranked #1 CSS in US

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HG | Master and me HG | Dirty made the server back in Oct 08... and now a dream has come true

See for yourself:
Server is also number 2 in world at this time.
Thanks to all the regular and random players who day by day make the server more popular:rock2:
:kill: - Dirty

HG vs eGO 20-on-20 scrim

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Wow, what a great game guys.
Here are the demos in case someone wants to review or make some cool you-tube videos
I know, its bad screenshots. I was going to take one of the scores at the end, but the server crashed on the 15th round lol


Our team members were:
HG | KH / Deadman
HG | HyperC
HG | fRacture
HG | Vandium
-hg- SyNc
HG | seboard
HG | Cr(+)sshair
HG | Doobie
HG | Moo
HG | Prius!
HG | Homer [C]
[HG] Clams
[HG] Awwik
[HG] Isaac
[HG] JessicaJoy
HG | ooled
HG | Pavin
[HG] Fox n' Kibbles

TF2 Operation Population - TF2 Pipeline Server

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ZEE SUPER GERMAN gets $50 towards the steam game of his choice.
And, in the spirit of TF2, here is a picture of my child in a hat:

Similar to what Doobie did, I will be doing.
This time around though, it is a first come first serve setup on our Pipeline server.
We will not be using a private server, or the KOTH server. So, there is a higher chance for pubbies
We will go for at least an hour, and possibly up to two hours.
At the end of this session, the top scorer will receive a $49.99 or less steam game of their choice to be gifted to them by me.
When: Saturday June 26, 2010
Time: 9 p.m. EST; 8 p.m. CST; 6 p.m. PST
Where: HellsGamers TF2 24/7 Pipeline Server, IP
Winnings: $49.99 Steam Game
Quick edit: if for some reason, Pipeline is full most of the day, we will move to a different server.


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End of Reality

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