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Hellsgamers Zombiesurvival Lore/Storyline Chapter 1

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WARNING: This is just horrible writing at its finest, I made this two years ago (plus there are several chapters I have to fix because of grammar and bad character development)

“Someone grab me some more nails!”

The year is 20-fucking something,I don't know, you know it’s hard to keep track of time when there’s a fuck ton of flesh eating fucks out there. Now I find myself with a bunch of washed up survivors from “zs_abandonedmall” are now trapped and have ourselves barricading the only way in and out of this bedroom.

Face-Guy “It’s 2016 you fucking retard”
Techyyy “What?”
Face-Guy “it’s June 26th, 2016”
Techyyy “Oh”
Face-Guy “Fucks sake why the fuck are you still alive”

Scrubbubbles “Guys, shut the fuck up and help the others bring props over”

We find ourselves surrounded at “zs_house_outbreak” inside the master bedroom making this our last stand waiting for the final horde to make its way to our current position...till then we can assume that we would be safe to continue on forward to our destination.

Lumpy “Someone explain to me what the hell we’re doing again?”
Ian “We’re trying to find any information on how this shit got started and give anything we find to Natalya”
Lumpy “And she is?”
Techyyy “Someone fucking gold digger who demanded daddy to give her what she wants”
Dreamy “She’s a lab rat that’s going to help us get out of this mess…”
Techyyy “Yeah, what he said”
 “How’s the cade doing guys?”
*Oscar gives a flat palm shake for an answer*


Mclovin “I’m running low on ammo, and the resupply is almost completely empty”

Tenletters *in sign language* “Arsenal is low as well
Face-Guy “Fuck...most of the ammo are out there next to the fucking dead kleiner's bodies”

Techyyy “You guys think we’ll make it out of this?”
Ian “Guess we’re gonna have to find out the hard way…”

The hordes scream are able to be heard from the distant, notifying the survivors that they are nearby. Everyone grabs their equipment and aims their weapon at the corridor, the second a zombie is first seen all hell will break loose. Soon enough a Nightmare is the first one of the zeds to pop out from the stairwell and everyone focuses fire upon it while fast zombies attack the windows. All that can be heard are gunfire,screams, and the sound of hammers repeatedly hitting the nail(s).

Ian “This table is about to go down!”
Lumpy “We need someone to go help defend the window!”
Techyyy leaves his post to go assist on the disposal of the fast zombies trying to break out the “easy way” but the second he gets there the table falls and fast zombies are seen coming out, but before they’re able to get into the room, Oscar comes out of nowhere with his boomstick with 4 shots loaded and blasts them back outside, while also pushing him back a inch or two (remember when the boom stick was overpowered?) He then quickly goes back to repair the front cade as it was close to its downfall. Before Oscar can do much to keep it up for a little more while, the door begins to fall and the bed frame is close to do the same, Tenletters begins the close in with his Grim Reaper that he recently picked out from the arsenal and lays down fire onto the zeds, pushing them back because of the Grims powerful knockback (Remember that too?)
A few minutes later it was done, the horde was finished off, all that was seen was broken doors and tables , a dented bed frame, and a shitload of split aegis boards. It was over, we began to move out of the blood filled building out into the open to catch some fresh clear air. Later some of the crew began to dig a small grave for we had lost one of ours.
The crew soon then finds a white van that seems it is still intact. Natalya informs the remaining survivors their objective has been changed for now and says they now must go to “zs_insurance” to investigate in any chance to find any sort of information, along with assisting an old friend defend the building.

On the road the crew runs into “zs_baren” as a horde has already  attacked a nearby survivor cade, they rush out of the van and quickly dispose of any zeds near the cade inside the Gas Station.
Meanwhile in “zs_psychosis” Natalya,Forrest, (and several other previous Staff & Leaders) are working on a teleporter and many other items to be used for the crew’s adventures to complete their objective, while also increasing their survival as this infection seems to “mutate”

Natalya “What do we got so far”
Forrest “Far as we know we’ve been teleporting to different areas in the world, even areas that are probably not from this world, but sometimes they’d end up upside down, or feel unexplained pain throughout their body, we’re working out the bugs but might have to resort to taking things out”
Natalya “If it comes to that, then it must be done, this could be our once chance to change things back to the world it used to be…”
“I do not wish to find a cure for-whatever this is, but a way to easily eradicate it.”

Scrububbles “You guys alright?”
Kleiner1 “We’re holding up, but don’t know how much longer we would last till you guys showed up”
Techyyy “Is there more of you guys?”
Kleiner2 “There was... A couple of them, left a while ago to loot equipment or to grab more props, but none of them have returned”
Techyyy “We have a couple of guys doing that right now so they’ll find out eventually”
  “What’ya guys’ names?”
Kit “Kit Ballard”
Fox “I’m Fox”

Techyyy “Good thing we ran into you guys in time or else we-”

Next thing you know Oscar and the others barge in with a bunch of props and resources.

Scrubbubbles “You guys alright?”
FaceGuy “I look fucking dead to you?”
Techyyy “You look like fucking cancer to me”
FaceGuy “Go to hell Tech, yeah we’re good, horde’s almost on us so we’d better stock up or get the fuck out now”
Fox “You guys find anyone while you were out?”
Lumpy “All we saw were a shitload of corpses so no”
Fox “Shit…”
Scrubbubbles “Ten how much ammo you guys find?”
Tenletters *in sign language* “Plenty”
Scrubbubbles “It’s best we leave now before we end up fighting more than we can handle, its best for you two come with us”
Kit “Lets get going then, better than staying here waiting to die”

The crew quickly leaves the area before the horde can make its way into the area, they are back on track to “zs_insurance” as instructed by Natalya

Speaking of her, back at “zs_psychosis” Jaspaa and Skay are testing some new equipment brought from the teleporter, the only question was if they were able to transfer it into the crew’s arsenal for a full runthrough. They also have been modifying weapons that have been blacklisted from being used in the field for how ineffective they have been.

Jaspaa “Ok try it now”

Skay drops a crate of Ammo onto a platform and proceeds to press a button, what is seen is a small blue aura  around the ammo crate and soon enough it disappears, soon later a large thump is heard inside a crate beside them. The Resupply box has been “Resupplied” (ba-dum tss)
Skay “Holy shit!”
Jaspaa “Ah yes! Finally”

Meanwhile the crew reaches “zs_insurance” only to find it completely destroyed, zed corpses are seen outside and a cade in the front completely torn down, as they enter the building they already see a bunch of human bodies on the floor. Then they realized. They were too late. One group moves forward into the offices to find any information that could possibly have any leads, while the rest investigates the carnage.
The crew walk up to the bathrooms to find blood splattered everywhere, doors completely broken to pieces, and bodies as expected. But what caught everyone's eye was TheAtrocity sitting on the toilet covered in blood, both his and others. Without hesitation, FaceGuy goes up to him with the barrel pointed at his head and puts him down. Everyone looks at each other and just shrugs.They move into the offices to see Tenletters and Techyyy throwing shit around the place while Oscar and Lumpy nail phones and chairs to each other

Techyyy “Literally nothing in these files are what we’re looking for, just a bunch of bullshit can you file these files bullshit”
Tenletters *in sign language* “We also found a hentai magazine over there too”
FaceGuy “Did you retards look in the Managers office?”
Techyyy “The two new guys are looking in there right now”

The crew moves into the Manger room and find Kit browsing the computer files and Fox wandering around

Scrubbubbles “Guys find anything?”
Kit “Nothing important so far, Fox knocked a bunch of books off the shelves thinking there would be a secret door”
FaceGuy “That would be shitty map designing"

Kit then finds a bunch of articles that could have a possible lead, a crash site…

Kit “Anyone happen to bring a USB with them?”
Scrubbubbles “No”

Kit throws the desktop to the ground and rips out the hard drive

Fox “A bit excessive but ok”

The crew walk back to the office to find Techyyy,Tenletters,Lumpy, and Oscar taking cover under desks while a fucking Ball of Phones and chairs bounce around the place

Scrubbubbles “What the fuck did you guys do!”
FaceGuy “What the hell is that?”

The ball of chairs bounce off the roof and goes towards FaceGuy only to hit the corner beside him and crashes through the window followed by the ball of phones

Everyone has a brief moment to laugh while Scrub and Faceguy are face palming

Scrubbubbles “Alright come on lets get back on track”
Techyyy “You guys find something?”
Scubbubbles “Maybe...”

The crew hop back on the road to the nearest underground tunnel in hopes to find a working railway system, eventually they do find a working one and rides it to its final destination, thus begins the events of "zs_obj_enveration".

End of Chapter 1

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This has no attention to actually be a cringy ass Lore, It's something i made a while back to when I first joined HG
This has been sitting in my Documents for the longest time and I thought it would be funny to share this with the community


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