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TF2: New Dodgeball Server

Imperial Knight

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We are happy to announce that the new TF2 Dodgeball server has been released per community feedback. This server has replaced and retired our Wacky Maps server.

This server change is part of TF2 Leaderhip's push to try out new servers and modes to expand our community into new grounds.


  • Dodgeball gamemode
  • Nanobot to populate (while there are less than 2 players)
  • RTV and nominate
  • All standard TF2 HG Premium features are available (unusual hat effects, trails, custom colored names, and more), aside from VIP Weapons due to gamemode restrictions
  • GameME Player Stats


  • tfdb_catland_v1
  • tfdb_blockland_v5_4
  • tfdb_justdoit_b2
  • tfdb_rocketbucks_v2
  • tfdb_skyscraper_a2
  • tfdb_toolsheds_b4
  • More to come!

Suggestions & Feedback

If you have any suggestions for changes to the server, including new maps, please create a thread here.

Interest in Admin or Moderator

Come Join & Play Dodgeball

[HG] Dodgeball | Nanobot | GameME --

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