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    JK but give a big warm welcome to @TheeDeer on becoming our newest Ambassador! We'll be hosting cross-community events with them as soon as we can. its all i have to share atm, sorry for short post.
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    "up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, select, start." I tried this in real life and now my life is full of glitches. I clipped under the floor and got stuck for 2 hours. Reset and reload is not an option. Waiting for the next patch release.
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    Just thinking of a few returns that could be interesting. Return / debuff values of course can be changed for balance. Anemia: +10-15 worth "Bleed" status effect does 1.5x more damage Hemophilia: +10-15 worth Every hit from a zombie applies the "Bleed" status effect Re-name the unable to receive heals return to "Trypanophobia" (fear of needles/medical procedures). Insecure: +5-10 worth The lower your health, the more inaccurate you are with weapons Similar to Palsy, but with Cone of Fire instead of reticle drift. Bad Shot: +15 worth Decreases your accuracy by 25% Similar to Faulty Loader / Finicky, but with Cone of Fire instead.
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    I don’t think I have any better way to really start this whole discussion, but with one sentence: Complacency is the enemy of longevity. Many times, I seen this happen to servers I love, they fade away like a wayward dream, their existence only ever bearing in the memories of those who had fun there and made good memories there. It’s a fact, everything comes to an end at some point. Nothing is spared from the sands of time. So, when I see the warning signs and I’m flagged as a madman, or some sort of pest for attempting to motivate the crowd however I can, even if I had to resort to vulgarity, it gets me even more worried. Recently, I’ve noticed a greater influx of strong personalities, whose charisma has overtaken the server like a starlit singer at a pub. But I feel that some of those who come to the server, don’t come in with the right intentions. Most of those people who come onto the server and just dump their exposition and garbage into the server, bring it down further and further, demotivate the players and ultimately, kill whatever they liked for Zombie Survival, and they move on. Yes, you can argue that people’s interests change, and people come and go. When it feels like you’re only starting to see more regulars than new players, or anyone different for that matter; that feeling of comfort tends to go south. I think I see maybe one of two new players eventually become regulars. While the people who thought Roleplaying in the middle of a Zombie Survival round encouraged people to basically hop off the server and go there, ultimately kills the mood of the game mode, and devalues it. Provided, I understand the original creator of the game mode has very little association with the mode nowadays and the code is completely open source now. But I feel like, it has a certain legacy to it. There are a lot of game modes for Garry’s Mod: GMod Towers, Elevator Source, Stranded, Roleplay, Hide n’ Seek, Prop Hunt, and many other modes exist because of how open Garry’s Mod was at a point, to where the code gave people the flexibility to create something great, something beautiful. Zombie Survival stands as a testament to that, where at this point, HellsGamers is currently the king of that mountain. One of the longest standing Zombie Survival servers, thanks to user-friendly features and a sense of direction that captivated people to create more content and introduced many bright minds into the fold. Now, it feels stagnant, cold to the touch. I’ve seen this before, and you can say anything you want to hide the inevitable truth, all things come to an end. It’s about what we do to make the best of it. And I strongly feel, the server isn’t making the best of its time. Eventually, people will stop playing and move on to bigger and better things, or they will move on because other demands in their lives call for them to spend more time on that than video games. I know for me, that might be coming soon, I’ve personally been dealing with plenty of issues and I want to do more with my life than simply being a veteran at this point. But I want to be able to leave things on a high note, then to come back years later, only to discover it’s been wiped clean from the face of the web. The only thing that may document any of this is the Wayback Machine, and usually, that’s for things people won’t ever forget. What is the point of this post? It’s a call to action. We have so many players who are willing to give inputs, create content for the server and give back the love the server has given to the player. Something that can be agreed on, we keep coming back because we care, no matter how angry or embittered we seem at times. I’m a testament to that. There have been times I’ve given myself breaks from the server to try other games, or to deal with life issues, but I always come back. Because I enjoy playing on the server. But when I see these people with gilded smiles and foiled masks just wanting to bring the server down and bully the people from thinking differently, of course I get angry. I’m a confrontational person; I may be soft spoken at times believe it or not, but when it’s something that pulls my interest, or something I care about, I tend to react strongly. I do not lie when I say, I do quietly enjoy my time on the server, despite the things I’ve said. Now what I wanted to bring up is we need to start focusing on is more activity with the community, we need to find a means to reinvigorate the staff and higher-ranking individuals who have lost interest or is tired of Zombie Survival in general. A lot of the members got there for good reasons, most of them do care despite the contrary reactions they often have on the server. And one of the ways I was thinking about was a modification to the current standing rules of the server. This is probably the hardest part of all of this, finding the right balance between leniency and strictness. Now one of the key things I wanted to look at is zombies doing anything other than actively helping the team. This is arguably one of the biggest issues when you’re playing as a zombie, especially on low population. The zombies tend to get disorganized and choose to act more friendly towards the humans, or flat out ignore them. At one point, a recently banned player that went by Phooogie, was no joke, leading the zombie team in a RPing session in the middle of a round, leaving only the bosses to do any of the actual work and ultimately ruining the match for the players that wanted to play the game as intended. There’s nothing wrong with people having fun, talking about different things, or even goofing around, but there are far better ways to go about it. Not to mention, it’s entirely possible for players to be able to shoot the shit, and play the game as usual. One of the reasons we added groups was for that purpose; so, players can talk amongst themselves to ensure it doesn’t disrupt the flow of gameplay. We need a policy, if not already in place, that bars zombies from being friendly or neutral. Zombies should be attacking the cade or actively hunting humans to ensure the game mode doesn’t lose what little competitive nature the mode already has. Another point I wanted to bring up, is about Human players giving out false commands. Many could argue with me all day long on this topic, because “the players have a choice to follow it” or “if they fall for it, they’re gullible.” To put it simply, that’s Elitism. You’re basically saying at that point, “So what if they’re new to this or are unfamiliar with ZS, if they listen to the assholes screaming out troll commands, that’s on them and only them.” That is quite frankly a complete Neanderthal way of thinking about troll/ false commands. I’ve seen too many times players being led to their deaths or being told to basically walk into a deathtrap, to artificially inflate the amount of points those kinds of players can earn and to access higher tier weapons early on. In my opinion, stuff like that shouldn’t be tolerated in any setting, and should be aggressively dealt with. It’s only going to get worse if left unchecked and unregulated. It’s the norm at this point, a meme you can say, to do such things. Even the mods have participated in this behavior, only enforcing the idea that this is in any way acceptable. It’s not, it should be frowned upon, not praised. That’s what creates the Elitism attitudes, and that’s what creates the real toxic players. I pale in comparison to the venom they can produce. Sure, they can keep their little cade a secret still, no one has to know, we have settings in place so people can hide their resupply and arsenal crates from wall spy already, and it’s a matter of keeping it hush, hence why we have the group chats in the first place. I’ve seen a lot of people ask for it, and recently I seen a post on the forums about it, we need weekly events. Yes, we had that Sunday/Saturday thing we used to do, but I personally think that idea that was up there, would be perfect for the server. The server for the most part, even at its lowest, gets at least 30 players. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it empty, unless it crashes hard. We need people to ultimately feel as if we care, so in turn, they start caring. I’m not saying that we should have to bend over and let the player base go to town, rather, meet them halfway so we can get more activity on the forums. Because for the most part, unless it’s a hot topic, or it’s actively advertised, I don’t see too much activity for polls or any sort of requests or suggestions. Most posts are made by members of HG, or by people who hold a passion for the server that sit outside of HG. More communication and chances for players to interact with HG, and HG to interact with them in turn, will strengthen the player base, and may win over tougher customers. There is power in unity after all. I think I’ve said all I could here. Not much else I can say or suggest, besides maybe read some of my previous suggestion posts and give your thoughts. I want to hear what others think and see some actual input. Because without input, without interaction, without heart; the server will become hollow. It will slowly fade, and eventually, disappear like a dandelion ripped apart by the wind. If anyone takes the time to read all of this, I truly thank you, and want to hear your opinion on this. We need a more active community, and we need more interaction in general. Otherwise, this will all become nothing but a distant memory.
  5. 1 point
    -hg- Clan Application Game Division Garry's Mod In-Game Name alex Location St. Louis, Missouri How old are you? 17 Which games (servers) do you play on? Zombie Survival How long have you been playing on our servers? A little over a month What is your Steam ID / GUID? STEAM_0:1:55294680 Why do you want to join HG? I really enjoy the community on the ZS server, and I believe that I can be a positive example of a hg member to new and current players. All members are required to be on our TeamSpeak3 Server whenever playing on our servers. Will you agree with this rule? Yes Do you have any current VAC bans? No Who (if anyone) referred you to apply? Pho, Talbot Any other information you want to include? I have about 500 hours in Garry's Mod.
  6. 1 point
    -hg- Clan Application Game Division Garry's Mod In-Game Name CMDR「Jareth26」 Location Albuquerque, NM How old are you? 19 Which games (servers) do you play on? Gmod Zombie Survival How long have you been playing on our servers? Since 2015 What is your Steam ID / GUID? STEAM_0:0:82726452 Why do you want to join HG? Been playing for a while, finally decided to apply since I love the server so much. All members are required to be on our TeamSpeak3 Server whenever playing on our servers. Will you agree with this rule? Yes Do you have any current VAC bans? No Who (if anyone) referred you to apply? Any other information you want to include? Previous aliases were Jareth26 / [Jareth26]
  7. 1 point
    Petition Pho face reveal June 3rd
  8. 1 point
    Thank you for your suggestions, we will take them into consideration. We have a lot of changes already in the works to models, but we will look yours over as well and discuss them. We appreciate your thoughts!
  9. 1 point
    Ok. And if there are people who feel directors, or council are abusing or not acting HG appropriate, come find me or send me a PM. Proof helps, you can remain anonymous if you wish. I would prefer to not cause it stir up drama, nor bash staff.
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    Given the nature of this thread and how it's spurred some well-constructive attention, I'll use this as a base from which to share how I see ZS, while also paying attention to the HeLLsGamers community. I'll be dividing my thoughts among Zombie Survival and the HeLLsGamers community to make it an easier read. Zombie Survival HeLLsGamers community Thanks for reading if you read through it. Sorry if my ideas seem out of place; I just thought they were cool.
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    I agree that there is a big gap between the zs playerbase and the hellsgamers members, especially from leadership and the devs which i also think is a huge problem for the community mostly due to the limited input and opinions the players of zs can give leadership regarding the gamemode. It also means that the players influence over the gamemode is very limited which i truly regret because i know we have a lot of players on the server that has a long experience of the zs gamemode where we could really benefit from hearing their opinion. There is ofcourse the possibility of voicing their opinion on the forums but unfortunately only a small percentage of the zs playerbase use it and convey meaningfull discussions. We also have discord which is more accessible but isnt really fit for discussing ideas in depth. As Pho mentioned, we did use to have an ingame suggestion menu where players could suggest ideas and others could up or downvote them depending on their opinion. Although there is a possibility of people trolling it a bit it shouldnt be too hard to limit the most of it, and in my opinion the reward would be far greater then the inconvenience. Prio to leaving leadership i was also in the process of having a new system implemented in the community where we would recruit zs players with exstensive knowledge and experience in the gamemode to help advise us on how the gamemode should be balanced and modified and also voting on issues/ideas brought forward. The group wouldnt require any membership in hg etc, just to make geting involved in it a lot easier and to link the gap between hg and the zs community. It was my understanding that we would proceed with the idea but council just kept pushing it forward and i guess they disregarded it after i left. On the topic of having more events i would suggest trying to add more small automated events just like the ones we already have. They dont have to be complex but just something to add more diversity to the game since that seems to be the problem with running the same events over and over again, making people tire of them quickly. We used to have quite a few but some of them stopped working after updates and no one fixed them. It would probably be best if leadership starts a thread asking if people has any fun ideas that should be implemented.
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    Congrats on vet, well deserved!
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    Congratzzz on Vet bro!!!
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    Congrats on vet buddy!
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