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CS:GO Zombies Too Lit

Sep 5 2016 3:38 AM | Archer in HeLLsGamers News

Come join us on Friday, September 9th for a chance to get free 1000 Jailbreak Rep and $20 steam wallet code. RSVP Here. :devil:

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[CS:S] DollHouse Pillow Fight

Sep 3 2016 3:24 PM | GomerPyle in Events

Come join us for a knife fight using pillows. It will be bunny Men VS School Girls.

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Cs:go Shottie Too Hottie

Aug 30 2016 11:16 PM | Archer in HeLLsGamers News

Come join us on September 17 for some cancer... I mean fun. RSVP here :devil:

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KOTH Roll The Dice

Aug 30 2016 6:50 PM | POLARBEAR in Events

HG enough for this King of the Hill? Join us this Saturday, and try not to "explode" too much.

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CS:GO Deathrun 2016

Aug 22 2016 6:42 PM | Archer in HeLLsGamers News

Come join us on August 27th for HG's CS:GO Deathrun event! RSVP here

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Hg Leadership Council Election Re...

Aug 22 2016 3:22 PM | sirius in HeLLsGamers News

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who volunteered to run for one of our open positions and to those of you who participated in the vote. As you may recall from Homer's original thread, this vote was going to be limited to Staff+ only. Over...

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[GMOD] Back 2 School Zombies Even...

Aug 21 2016 5:50 PM | {No Silence} ATB* in HeLLsGamers News

Welcome back survivors where you have just finished your time as hobo's it's time....to go back 2 school! Will you survive this year's event to get the ultimate glorious badge? Try your luck in this year's apocalypse to survive this year's school event!

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Scout, Knife and USP DM Event......

Aug 2 2016 3:59 PM | Crucible in HeLLsGamers News

You will have 3 weapons to use to kill the opposing team, the Scout and Knife and the USP and it's a deathmatch setting so come and join us and show off those mad aim skittles in this Leadership VS Members event. Prizes are to be awarded to the top 3 players with the most points overall

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Hg Leadership Council - Nominatio...

Aug 1 2016 1:39 AM | Homer in HG News

Good Morning Everyone, Today's the day :devil: As some of you may have noticed on the HG Calendar.HG Leadership Council - Nominations Open TODAY, August 1st, 2016! HG Leadership Council - Candidates Announced / Elections Begin in TWO weeks,...

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TF2 Biohazard

Jul 30 2016 1:26 PM | ❤KittyCat❤ in HeLLsGamers News

Come join us on Aug 13th for some good old zombie shooting, brain cells dying, blood spilling, human affecting, slow walking, zombie moaning, gun shooting, human screaming, world ending, brain exploding, probably wish you had your mommy right now kind of event.

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