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PERP Squad Deathmatch

Sep 24 2014 8:05 PM | _iMPAKT in HeLLsGamers News

Where and when will the gang war be? PERP Debug Server Date: 6:30pm EST November 2, 2014 WHO CAN PLAY?: FRIEND OF HG to [C] How will we form squads? Before the event, you will all form squads of 5. Please choose a name, as it is what you will be u...

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Sep 23 2014 8:14 PM | RageQuit in Events

CREDIT TO STYLEZ FOR THE GRAPHICS!WHEN & WHEREDate: Friday, September 26th Time: 5 PM PST/8 PM EST Server: CS:S [HG] Community Events Server Please be in our Teamspeak 3 server 30 minutes before the event! (Check for the channel under "...

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Karaoke Event

Sep 18 2014 7:09 PM | ΔSCII in HeLLsGamers News

http://hellsgamers.c...loversreloaded/ ​Karaoke Lovers Event: RELOADED We have some awesome singers here in HG and it is time we gave them a stage to perform. Here is YOUR chance to SHINE! It is time to come out and and support your friends h...

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CS:S Deathrun

Aug 31 2014 9:31 PM | HyperActive in HeLLsGamers News

WHEN & WHEREDate: Saturday, September 20, 2014 Time: 2PM Pacific, 3PM Mountain, 4PM Central, 5PM Eastern. It'll be around 10 PM in the UK and 7 AM in Australia Server: CS:S [HG] Community Events Server Please be in our Teamspeak 3 server 30 mi...

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TF2 Gungame Event

Aug 21 2014 7:22 PM | Adam Cole in Events

Just like the CS:S mod and the CS:GO arms race mod, except in tf2.  You start off with a low powered weapon.  As the round advances, and you get more kills, you will "level up" and get better weapons.  Once you reach a certain level, you win.

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CS:GO 1v1 Event!

Aug 15 2014 9:43 PM | FreeHugs in Events

CS:GO Division is proud to present our 1v1 Event! Determine who has the best aim in all of HG and win some sweet Credits/Rep and even a copy of insurgency! When:Date: August 22, 2014 Time: 8:00 EST, 5:00 Specific time (Pacific time for those...

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CS:GO * Graphics Needed * - Paint...

Aug 12 2014 6:37 PM | Icon315 in Events

Have any sort of skills in creating graphics? Well even if you don't you can enter in this giveaway!
I need you to create an image we will use on our CS:GO servers.

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Gmod Fast & Furious

Jul 31 2014 3:39 PM | _iMPAKT in HeLLsGamers News

This PERP event will be featuring events, something fast ( racing ) and something furious ( fighting ). These two events will be played on the same day, first with CRANKED : PERP Race then to Super Smash PERPs Brawl Who can play : F to [C]When : 6:3...

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TF2 Mario Event!

Jul 30 2014 5:56 PM | jajolt in HeLLsGamers News

Remember mario back in the day?  Yeah!

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CS:GO Leadership Vs. Members

Jul 30 2014 2:35 PM | Killuminati in Events

It's almost been a year since we last battled it out. There have been many changes to the leadership roster and many new members throughout all divisions.

Come out and show the rest of your division and your leadership just how good of a player you are.

Dust 2 Deathmatch

Prizes will be given!!

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Brand New CS:GO Servers!

Jul 5 2014 12:11 PM | FreeHugs in HeLLsGamers News

You asked for it and you got it! After multiple requests from Friend of HG all the way to Council, Hellsgamers and the CS:GO division are proud to announce the newest addition to the CS:GO Server Family! AIM SERVER Get your crosshairs handy,...

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Vets Only Giveaway!

Jul 2 2014 1:50 AM | Celestica in HeLLsGamers News

How it will go down!: GIVEAWAY IS FOR VETS ONLY!! (and don't you forget it!)Every post in this thread will have a post number, this number will be like your entry ticket(like in a raffel). We will be using random.org to draw the win...

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TF2: Wario Ware

Jun 30 2014 9:19 PM | digitalshot in Events

TF2 Wario Ware Event. Think Minigames but for TF2. RSVP here

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Jaspaa's 3 Year Forum Anniver...

Jun 25 2014 11:35 PM | HAL in HeLLsGamers News

Hey guys! So if you didn't know from the title, June 28 will be my 3 year anniversary of being a member on the forum! Yay! Haha. Well I decided since I haven't done a single giveaway in my time in HG and I have money to spen...

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