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280 players in 61 servers, 284 users online, 46 recent bans.
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      02 Aug

    i transferred to the GTA V division and I like it so far fortis is a good friend of mine now he helped me when I was just first starting out a impakt is just funny as hell lol

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      02 Aug
    Torpedo Hippo

    So apparently i got in a fight yesterday in a bar... I have no memory of the fight itself, only of the moments after the fight when people are asking me wtf is going on... I can't even tell them myself, cause I have no fucking clue what happened... I need to stop drinking..

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Council is primarily responsible for the overseeing of the direction HeLLsGamers is going in. While they do not necessarily intervene in daily affairs, every member is responsible for making a large decision, such as a promotion of an Upper Management member.

Community Director

Community Directors are responsible for managing the divisional leaders and working with them in day to day decisions. They are able to provide guidance in cases where a divisional leader is not able to act in full capacity. They work with leadership on looking into new divisions or new prospective servers. They are also primarily responsible for bringing in new divisional leaders if need be. Finally, they are to mediate conflicts with divisions.

Division Leader

The divisional leaders are responsible for managing the day to day operations of their division. This includes managing abuse reports (that are within their power), dealing with intradivisional issues, and collaborating with their divisional staff to push forward their division.

Division Staff

Divisional Staff are responsible for handling ban reports (t-list and blacklists depending on division). They are to assist the divisional leaders with making events, running them and accepting recruit applications. Staff are trained to be "Advisors" of their respective division and they are the first line of support all HeLLsGamers members should be going to.


Veterans have been here for a long time and have shown that they are true to HG!


Members comprise the majority of our community. They are those who have proven themselves worthy and are seeking to earn the Veteran tag.


Recruits are the nubs of the community. They want to be part of something big, but need time to prove that they should be here.