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HG Elections Results 2018


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Come and see who won!


Through this long year, we have had some great people step up and help run our community, but now it is time to let some new people into the fold to bring in fresh ideas.

Congrats to the winners of the 2018 HellsGamers elections:


Executive Secretary - HG | Duphin [C]

Executive Director of Internal affairs - HG | Thomasjosif [C]

Executive Director of External Affairs - HG | Silly [C]

Director of Gaming Divisions - HG | Sit [D]

Director of Community Engagement - HG | B-Nye [D]

Director of Development - HG | Pyrrhic [D]

We hope to have another great year in our community and with our Leadership. Thank you to everyone that participated in the Elections, as that is how we all get a voice. Please enjoy the new website as our development team and Homer have put in lots of work to make it happen. Now everyone go give these losers some love on their new positions!


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