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About This Club

Garry's Mod HG Members Group

  1. What's new in this club
  2. welchnome

    Zombie Survival

    Artwork and funny moments on the HellsGamers Zombie Survival Server. Rules to adding to this album -Must be related to Gmod ZS -No screenshots of sprays
  3. welchnome

    GT4 Tube's-mlhc.png

    From the album: Zombie Survival

  4. welchnome


    From the album: Zombie Survival

  5. Nightstar_91

    my zs map

    my history of all the zs map i made
  6. Nightstar_91


    From the album: my zs map

  7. Nightstar_91


    From the album: my zs map

  8. Nightstar_91


    From the album: my zs map

    This is one of the first screenshot ever made for zs_doomsday with the old 3d skybox. The idea with the dustcloud was from a different map called gm_apocalypse where dustcloud fly with the wind. so i figured out how to make this effect and put it in my map. However when i try to make the bunker for the map the 3d skybox would break so I had to delete it in the end.
  9. Nightstar_91


    From the album: my zs map

  10. Nightstar_91


    From the album: my zs map

    This screenshot was from a map that I used to work on. My plan was to make a fallout like map, as the 3d skybox would reflect my idea. The map would take place in a big glass dome the season would cycle inside the dome. This idea of event happening inside the map was again inspired by Fair Finance For All where the map have event that would change the gameplay. However I could never visualize what the glass dome would look like. And the whole season system wouldn't really impact gameplay as much as I thought and overall it wouldn't be fun. so I scrap the idea of the glass dome but still use the 3d skybox to make zs_doomsday.
  11. Nightstar_91


    From the album: my zs map

    zs_luxury was my second map where it made from a contest back in June 2018. And while I was brainstorming for idea in the editor, I randomly made a tall brush and I made more tall brushes until i had an idea of a hotel map that is also a skyscraper. And so zs_luxury was made, a short but simple map that I made in a month. It was also the first map for me to have a functioning 3d skybox. And inspired by Fair Finance For All map, I decided to make event in the map where the cargo crate up in the roof would open up in wave 3 which hold various loot. I felt accomplished after finishing the map as it showed how to work with the Input and Output function in maps. And in the end i've gotten 2nd place in the mapping contest and the map was uploading to the server by January 2019.
  12. From the album: my zs map

    zs_abandoned_theater was my first zs map I ever made where it based of a movie theater in my town. The use of orange and blue light is a reference to many movie poster that use orange and blue color is the two color complement each other. And the orange fog was used to make the skybox felt more big than it actually was. This map has taught me alot about the hammer editor which I would use for my next map.
  13. June 2019: (01/06/2019) - ADDED zs_abadmap_v2 zs_ancient_sand_v4 zs_blastdoors_2019_v2 zs_danzig_docks_v2 zs_homer_vspeter zs_obj_upward_v24
  14. Which hardware broke? I'm just curious more than anything, I don't know what it takes to run a server like this and would like to know more.
  15. Yes the ZS server is currently down, as well as our teamspeak. We are not entirely sure when it will be back up, but it's been known to be down since yesterday morning, and whatever can be done to fix it is being done.
  16. Couldn't find it in the server list last night or this morning.
  17. May 2019: - ADDED zs_abstractum_v1 zs_arctic_outpost_v5 zs_blastdoors_2019 zs_departure zs_lunar_kingdom_v1a zs_overtime - REMOVED zs_minecraftjungle_v1 (26/05/2019) - ADDED zs_downtown_v1 zs_butchers_den_v2 (28/05/2019) - ADDED zs_minecraft_jungle_v3 zs_abadmap_v1 zs_danzig_docks_v1
  18. New competitive mode is fun lol, you randomly get redeemed sometimes because a person on the human team dies to trigger hurt.
  19. i mean is almost impossible to not lose with competitive mode on.

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